Yezz Billy 4.7 First Setup Guide

Before you use Billy 4.7 phone for the first time please follow this Billy 4.7 first setup guide first. Get started setting up your mobile phone for its first use. On this page you can learn more about Yezz Billy 4.7 mobile phone’s layout, keys function, display and icons sign description, preparing your Billy 4.7, unboxing and assembling your Billy 4.7 Windows Phone.



Check the product box for the following items:
• Mobile Phone
• Battery
• Charger
• USB Cable
• Travel Adapters
• Headphones
• User Manual
The supplied accessories perform best for your phone.

Phone Layout

From the front view of your phone you will observe the following elements:


From the back view of your phone you will observe the following elements:



Keys Function

The following table offers you a quick description about the phone’s keys:

Power Button: Allows you to turn on/off the device and to lock the screen.
Volume: Allows you to adjust the volume of ringing and notifications. Also allows you to adjust the volume of multimedia content playback.
Back: Allows you to return to the previous menu or screen. Also allows you to close some applications. Press and hold to switch between open applications.
Home: Takes you directly to the home screen, leaving any application open.
Search: Open the web search application or open the digital assistant, Cortana, if enabled.


The status bar at the top of the screen tells you the current time, battery and signal strength, and much more. Below is the icon description.




Get started setting up your mobile phone for its first use.

Install the SIM Card & Memory Card Guide

When you subscribe to a cellular service, you will receive a Subscriber Identity Module (SIM) card, with subscription details, such as your personal identification number (PIN) and optional services.

How to install the SIM card on Yezz Billy 4.7?

1. Remove the battery cover by open from the bottom of case.

2. Insert the SIM card. Your phone has two SIM card slots allowing you to use two SIM cards and switch between them.


Repeat these steps for the other side to add a second SIM card.

3. Replace the battery cover

You can still use this phone without inserting a SIM card, you can use your phone’s non-network functions and access almost all menus.

How to Insert a Memory Card on Billy4.7

Use a storage card to store additional photos, videos, music, and more. Your phone supports memory cards up to 128 GB MicroSD cards. Formatting the memory card on a PC may cause incompatibility with your phone. Format the memory card only on the phone.

To insert the memory card: Remove the battery cover > Insert a memory with the label side facing up.


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