Valentine One Manual / User Gude & Tutorial

How to program or install Valentine One radar detectors? Read online or download Valentine One manual here to know more about this great radar detector device, but before you download Valentine One user guide please read this review first.

Valentine one is a combination of detector used for radar and detector of radar. This radar is the invention of Valentine Research Corporation. Valentine detector is equipped with the system of warning signs which have dual antennas that can indicate the existence of laser or radar or something that is usually called by bogeys. The device is really useful for human life. It has a simple shape like a phone and we can bring it everywhere. As we know, that device has unit and display. The unit may be very complicated.

The Unit and Display of Valentine One

Components which are included in valentine 1 (V1 Radar Detectors) are very complex. Because of the device or the tool have several important materials. Magnesium is the major unit in these radar detectors. The substance is commonly used in the prevention of interference of electricity between every device. The metal materials is chosen for make substance being durable than use plastics which are temporal.

valentine one

In addition, at the front part of valentine one’s units; a screen shows the numbers of other radar sources that receive its pulse and the data is divided into 7 segment of readout for showing the radar receiver. This detector is able to catch many signals, like Laser, Ku Band, K Band, X band, and Ka Band. Those are arranged by a little signals of valentine one. Ku band has 13.400-13.500 GHz, K Band has 24.043-24.2490 GHz, Ka Band possesses 33.398-36.004 GHz, X band has 10.501-10.551 GHz, and Laser possesses around 820-954 nm.

On the other hand, at the lowest part on the display, LEDs is showing the strength of the signal from Valentine one. The LEDs helps valentine of one to get signal. It also depends on the antennas, because they will work with LEDs to receive signals. So, the dictator will receive leaser signal from outside of environment. To make it become successful, we have to arrange all units together with the display. The dictator will have the correct function.

Description: valentine one is a dictator to indicate radar and laser. The device has unit and display. The unit of the device is magnesium. It is the big component of the device.

Valentine One Manual Programming Setup

You can read online or download printable manual and instalation guide here: Valentine One Manual Pdf

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