Useful Gunnar Intercept Computer Glasses for Health

It has been general fact that eye is a very vital device to capture every existing object ahead. Connected by nerves to the brain, the smallest and biggest object which is possible to see will be transfered extremely fast to the brain. However, people tend to ignore eye’s health by working too hard in front of computer. The effect which can be caused by staring screen in long time is headaches, tired eyes and eyestrain. What you need to do as such hard worker is by utilizing precise tool to keep your eyes health. Indeed, it comes from Gunnar Intercept Computer Glasses.

Gunnar Intercept Computer Glasses

Gunnar Intercept Computer Glasses

Gunnar Intercept Computer Glasses gives many benefits for hard worker which spend long time in front of computer. By using the glass some trouble like eyestrain and headache can be cured.

How Gunnar Intercept Computer Glasses Keep You Healthy

Avoid working in front of computer? It is not the best way to keep your eyes healthy since working in front of screen has been a public custom in this era. It is better for you to think of the best solution without stop working by screen. The way Gunnar Intercept Computer Glasses to protect your eyes giving worse impact for your body is important to know. The glasses which are reviewed works by filtering out the blue LED which can give you some health problem. Besides, the glasses are able to decrease glare, which is helpful for eyestrain prevention.

The Specifications of Gunnar Intercept Computer Glasses

What can you get by having such glasses? Actually, the specifications of Gunnar Intercept Computer Glasses can give you more explanation toward the product description. About the product which is worthy for health, the design have been accustomed for solving eyestrain caused by computer. There are two options for the type which can be found in Smoke Frames or Onyx. The lenses which are the main part of glasses have 599mm in width, 18mm for nose and 132mm for the temple. The price which is available are from $69.99-$79.99.

Based on the information about Gunnar Intercept Computer Glasses, it can be concluded that the bad effect of staring screen in long time can be prevented by using the glasses. It will work to filter the LED radiation from your computer which can give some troubles to your eyes.

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