Update MetaWatch M1 Firmware Tutorial

How to Update MetaWatch M1 Firmware? Please follow this tutorial. If you are MetaWatch owner and still using old MetaWatch firmware you must update your smartwatch firmware to latest MetaWatch fimware. Updating your MetaWatch M1 firmware is very easy, just follow this MetaWatch M1 Firmware update guide and your job done. Keeping your MetaWatch firmware uptodate assures you have always the best user experience available for you. You can check your smartwatch firmware version by clicking the left hand side bottom button once. If you have any questions, you can also connect MetaWatch support at support@metawatch.com

Update MetaWatch Firmware Tutorial:

Before you start updating your firmware please follow this step:

1. Please make sure your watch has more than 80% battery charged
2. Always use direct USB cable connection to your computer (no hubs)
3. Disconnect your watch from MWM app on your smartphone
4. Hard reset your watch by pushing middle right and middle left buttons for 5 seconds until it resets

Update MetaWatch Firmware on Mac

1. Download the latest software for your MAC from
2. Go to your download folder and run the MetaWatch Update app
3. Plugin your cable to computer, then attach the clip to the smartwatch
4. Click Update Watch
5. The Watch’s led light starts flashing
6. After the update the watch will reboot and you will receive success notification. If there were any errors, you can unplug and reconnect the USB and then rerun the update. If you face any problems you can contact also support@metawatch.com

Update MetaWatch Firmware on Mac

1. Download the latest software for your PC from
2. Unzip the files and run the Metawatch Updater for Windows.exe (no installation required)
3. Some users may need to install charging clip drivers http://www.ftdichip.com/Drivers/CDM/CDM20824_Setup.exe
4. Connect the charging clip and the smartwatch
5. Then connect the charging cable directly with your PC (no hubs)

Have some questions or has other tutorial? Please feel free to discus at comment box bellow. If you need more assistance about updating MetaWatch firmware please contact MetaWatch support at support@metawatch.com

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