Unrooting Your Samsung Galaxy S6

Once you root your device, you will lose all of your data and also lose the potential to receive OTA update. What if you want to unroot your device in order to recover factory and default settings so you can receive OTA update again?

Steps to Unroot Samsung Galaxy S6

  • First of all you have to download Odin and install the program on your computer. To download Odin go here and make sure to download the correct firmware file for your Samsung Galaxy S6, it has to be the same with your Galaxy S6 version.
  • Save the file on your computer and then unzip the stock firmware, there you will find the actual stock firmware file ending with “tar.md5″.


  • Go here to download and install the samsung USB drivers for mobile phones. Enter your device on download mode by turned off press ‘Power+Volume Down+Home’ to enter Download Mode. Or browse,  ‘Device Name+Download Mode’.
  • Connect your phone to the PC by using the USB cable. Right click on Odin 3.09 and click on ‘run as administrator’. This is how it should look like (see the picture, don’t mind the arrows): There is a section called ID:COM (on the left upper side of the window). The blank space underneath it will turn blue if your device is recognized. (If the phone is not recognized ensure you already installed the USB Drivers) Click on ‘AP’ and add the .tar.md5 file from the firmware archive.
Important for you to remember:
Don’t place anything under the PIT section and make sure that “re-partition” is not checked. (On the left side you will see Re-partition under the Option tab).
  • When the firmware file is loaded you can press START to begin the  installation. Don’t touch the USB cable while the firmware is being load. At the end you mau see a message saying “PASS” on a green background. It means that the installation is finish. You have to reboot your device and run on the stock ROM.
Please be careful when you following these steps and ensure that you understand the risk by installing firmware using odin on your samsung device.

Note for you:

After the last reboot, perhaps your phone will have a boot loop. To solve this problem you need to access recovery mode on your Galaxy S6. From recovery you will need ro make a hard reset too (select “wipe data factory reset”) and clear cache (pick “wipe cache partition”). Also, if Odin can’t work properly, close it, force restart your phone, reinstall USB drivers on your computer and repeat the unroot process from the beginning.

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