Tips to organize and customize Smartwatch on The Outside and The Inside

Smartwatch, is an unique device. It can be adjusted depend on whoever’s wrist they are strapped to. Although some smartwatches have the same model but you can customize and organize them as you wish.

Tips to customize your smartwatch device from the outside

We can customize some smartwatches from the outside but not all of them. Some smartwatches device that we can custom are the Moto 360, the LG G Watch and G Watch R, the Samsung Gear Live, and the Asus Zenwatch, they have alternative straps for their smartwatches, you can buy the alternative straps and choose the one who suit you well.

As we know that everybody have their own taste and favorite design we will not give you any specific suggestion for this but this is our tips for you before you buy your straps, try to buy the straps directly in its store (what we want to suggest is, do not buy straps via internet), why? Because in many cases the color of the straps in the picture is really different in real life, and the most annoying one is in some cases there are third party straps seller use the strap picture from the manufacturer and not their own product.
If you do not have time to buy the straps from the store, then try to be careful when you want to buy by reading some review first (but you still have to be careful because there are some seller that use fake reviews to praise their product)

Tips to organize or setting up your smartwatch on the inside

This time we will give you some tips to set up your Android Wear Smartwatch, other devices with other OSes actually have the same basic principle but have a little bit difference in the detail.

First of all, you need to download the Android Wear app and install it in your smartphone. After you installed the app, launch it and please follow the instructions to pair your smartphone with your watch. This pairing process connects the two devices. After pairing your watch, now you have to configure it.

Go to the settings to configure your watch, for example you can change how long the screen display stays on and turn off the notifications alert from particular apps.

Note :

Every smartwatch has different specific options, but in the case of the LG Watch Urbane, the screen gives you a settings icon, a choice of watch faces and links to essential watch apps.

Tips to customize your smartwatch by using apps

Android has a lot of application that can change the appeareance and  works of your smartwatch. Here, we suggest some apps that maybe can suit you.

A launcher app that can makes launching apps more touch-friendly is  Wear Mini Launcher or Wearable Widgets, you can get notification widgets from your phone on your watch if you use Sony Smartwatch 1 or 2 by using this app.

WearFaces app , a great app for you if you want to make your own custom watch faces on the LG G Watch, Samsung Gear Live or Moto 360.
Another tips from us, If you want somebody else to design your watch face, there are some really good ones to choose from named Minimal & Elegant, which is really nice on the Moto 360, and Pujie is great for anybody who likes to tinker.

If you like fitness, the Runner face is well worth a dollar or so, or you can use Runway, it combines weather forecasting and timekeeping in a very interesting way. Or use the cheap one (it is only 99 cents) you can go with the Pac-Man Watch Face.

On of the best of Android watch apps is WatchMaker Premium. Using this app you will get a framework, it enables you to download thousands of user-created faces, and you can create your own too, this app costs four dollar. It has a free version, the free version is offering six watch faces for your smartwatch.

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