Tips to Make Your iPhone 6 Battery Life Longer

Tips about iPhone 6 battery

Display screen Pressure

iPhone’s display screen is contributing quite a lot on your battery’s life. To make your battery life longer try to stand on the lowest level of your display screen’s brightness. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open the Control Center and swipe the brightness bar to the left in order to reduce your screen’s brightness. Some apps require you to swipe up twice to reach the Control Center.

Keep Connecting

Keep connected to your own cell network, Bluetooth devices or Wi-Fi router can drain your the battery. Especially when you have a poor cell signal or maybe out of Bluetooth range, the phone will use extra power of the battery in order to connect. So, if you are outside your service location try to activate the airplane mode.

Bu if you don’t want to turn off all of your connections, reduce the battery usage by switching off background app refresh for some apps in the General section of the Settings app. Or try to change your email settings to refresh manually or to Fetch on a slow schedule.

Processor chip Power

If you can feel that your device is getting hot while you enjoy your game, watching videos, or etc, it indicates that you are experiencing the effect of the processor chip crushing data at high-speed. Try to reduce this kind of activity so your battery will not drain quickly.

Charging Problems

If you are an iPhone user, you don’t have to be worried about maintaining a special charging plan. Unlike some old battery technologies, an iPhone’s lithium-ion battery is not really need to drain fully just before each one recharge. iPhone’s battery will lose some maximum charge level around several years, but using the charging schedule will not change this slow degradation.

Application Automation

Nowadays a lot of applications offering to increase your battery life. But it is not really improving your battery’s life. The only method that could really improve battery life is by modifying identical system and also application settings that you could cut totally free in the Control Center or the Settings application.

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