The Premium Apple Watch, Spec and Features

During the era of gadgets and smartphones, there comes the rivalry between smartwatch. Most of the smartwatch is integrated with some off your apps on your device. Some others also can be paired with all of your stuff that you have on your phone. During a few years ago, Sony still play its part, and monopolize the world of smartwatch. After some time, there are numerous of popular and common brand, that fighting each other to make their best smartwatch. Everything become more interesting when Apple join the smartwatch war. Apple unveils its Apple Watch, with a high and uncomfortable price tag.

Premium looks

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This Apple Watch is rather different from its competitor. Their smartwatch have a premium and sleek design that will look perfect for some of the Office leader. Apple prepared another level of design, in order to keep their prestige high and not washed out by other brands. From the glance, Apple Watch have manyfeatures that will act like a perfect support for the owner. It seems price is never wrong, because we know that there is Heartbeat sensor in this device. Such a wrist-sized evolution in order to keep your communication went well.



Maybe for some of person out there, buying this smartwatch might not be a problem. It will suits well for some high-class executive, but not for someone that is have a lots of bucks. The heart sensor itself works by the support of infrared blasters and green LED’s. They work together as a pair and create an accurate heart rate reading. Why Apple use green LED’s as their first choices? Blood is red and will reflects some of the red lights, and can absorb the green one. It detects the light-sensitive skin, to detect the number of blood that is flowing through your vein. You don’t need to worry about battery consumption, because this green LED will only works during your command only. The low-power tracking mode will sends your heart rate data to every single one of your health apps for each 10 minutes.

If we put aside all the heartbeat sensor matter, Apple Watch is not more than just a pricey watch. It will works well for your time counter, although is really a waste of time.  Remember, this Apple Watch might have some slight lousy readings. More than that, this smartwatch is just a waste of good money.

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