Spotlight Search

The great thing in Mac OS X is Spotlight. Spotlight is just like a search engine, it finds anything inside the files not only the file names. This spotlight can find anything, such as contacts in your address book or words in your e-mails. It really helpful.

Search Through Everything

You can find spotlight in the upper right corner of your mac. Its symbol is a small magnifying glass. Click it, then go find something by typing some words in the search box. The results will appear immediately. The first result that shown is the most relevant.

At the top of the list you can see “show all”, if you click it a new window will appear. This window contain all the results of your search. You can change the preferences too. Change it at the right part of the window. Already find what you search? Then just click the file to open it.

Spotlight Is Everywhere

If you find a magnifying glass symbol, that is spotlight. You can search everything, anywhere, just by type something in the search field. Want to search something in detail? Below the search field, you can choose the location where you want spotlight to search also you can add some criteria by clicking the plus button.


Make your search a smart folder

You can make a folder that contain everything that you searched if you want to. This folder called “smart folder”. If there are any files that matches your criteria is created on the computer, it is visible in this smart folder. How to make a smart folder? Click the save button that will appear wheb you search something from a finder window, and done. Now you have your smart folder.


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