Simple Steps to Access Pandora Internet Radio with Galaxy S4

Pandora is an online radio station apps to learn music and songs that has been the most favorite internet radio. By using pandora you can create and enjoy your favorite music without any distraction.Usually you can get this amazing app if you are an iOS user but now, we will tell you some tips to get this favorite application on your Galaxy S4 device.
Some steps to access pandora internet radio on your galaxy S4 :
  • . Directly go to the play store. From the Play Store Home screen,¬†touch Apps. You may search for Pandora.
  • Tap the magnification glass symbol in the upper right corner. You can type in the text Pandora. Some result will be shown on your display screen.
  • Please click the top options to select Pandora Internet Radio an the app page will be shown.
  • Select Install and accept permissions. After the installation is finish, you will see the app page shown. There you will see the options of Open or Uninstall in gray boxes.
  • Tap Open. After opening the app you will see the boot-up screen shown followed by the sign-in screen.
  • Tap your Sign up for Free link. The¬† sign up screen will be shown in the next step. But this takes on if you have not really already created an account for, say, your personal computer
  • Enter the information. Check the box that accepts the terms and conditions.
  • Tap Register. Automatically the app will be open.
  • To choose a genre, tap the text box said Create a New Station.
  • Tap Browse Genre Stations. You can see through every option for the exact type of station that you search.

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