Set Up Samsung Galaxy S6’s WiFi Hotspot

Do you know that Samsung Galaxy S6 can be a personal hotspot? It can connect to laptops, tablets and other devices to the Internet anywhere as long as there’s a cellphone signal. But to start using it, first you have to make sure that your device is on an account with the personal hotspot feature enabled.

Some simple steps to set up WiFi Hotspot on Samsung Galaxy S6

There are three important steps to set up WiFi Hotspot on your Samsung Galaxy S6 :

First, configure your phone’s wireless hotspot, second activate the hotspot so your phone can share its signal, and third connect your devices to the activated hotspot.

Follow these steps to set up your WiFi Hotspot on Samsung Galaxy S6:

  • Open Settings and  tap at the Settings gear button.
  • Select More Settings > Mobile hotspot and tethering on your Android phone.
  • Tap the Mobile Hotspot and enable the toggle. There you can see the name of the hotspot and its password.
  • Finally you have to configure your hotspot so you can detect your other gadgets: select Allow all devices.

Some steps to set up WiFi Hotspot from the device that you want to connect with this newly setup hotspot:

  • Directly go to Settings of the gadget, tap on WiFi.
  • Connect to the hotspot connection and enter the password which you can see from your Galaxy S6 hotspot setup screen.
You will know all of the connected devices from the Mobile Hotspot screen in your Galaxy S6.

Tips Tricks & Warnings

This tethering activity can drain your battery. You will need to charge your device when you are tethering so it will not die. And also ensure to shut down your tethering after using it. And also use your data carefully, so it will not overuse. And the last but maybe the most important, set a password, or anyone in range can access your hotspot.

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