Security And General Settings on iPhone SE

It is nice and important knowing some kinds of the security and general settings of iPhone. After we buy our new iPhone, I am sure that you want to customize the look of your phone. The new look of the phone will make you have more interesting phone to be used. In this case, we will talk about some kinds of the security and general setting before you operate your iPhone. The first way to do is finding the setting icon in the home screen. Tap that icon and the experience is going to be done.

The setting menu will give you easy access to do some different things, such as setting for your privacy or notification. However, we will focus on two matters here. The first is about the general setting. The general setting talks about some matters, such as the setting of security option, download the update of the software and others. Then, the second is about the privacy setting. Here, all matter about the privacy can be re-set to have the more interesting operation in your device. Now, let us see some details of the two kinds of setting below.

General setting

For the first matter, we will talk about the general setting inside your iPhone. By this general setting, you will be able to customize many kinds of different settings, which will control the security of your iPhone, accessibility and some kinds of overall preferences.

To set a passcode lock

Now, let us see how to set the passcode lock. You need to know that by the default setting, iPhone doesn’t require you to have the passcode when you want to lock your mobile device. However, it will be nice and better when you set the passcode of your mobile device. Applying this idea is nice in order to increase the security of your mobile device, especially when your iPhone is stolen.

  • To set the passcode of your iPhone, the first you need to go to the setting. Just tap the icon of setting in your home screen. After the setting menu is opened, tap the general option there.
  • After clicking the general setting, you will have some new detail of the display’s look. Scroll down the display and then find the passcode lock menu. Tap this menu in order to turn the passcode on.
  • Then, you need to use the keypad to enter four-digit passcode. You can show your creativity here, but you need to remember it well. Here, you need to enter it twice in order to confirm your new passcode.
  • Now, you have a new passcode and your iPhone will be safe

Something that you need to know is that in some new versions of the product of Apple, users are able to use the fingerprint scanner as the way to lock their mobile device. This feature is called as the Touch ID. However, you need to have the specific product to feel this feature. For the more information about this Touch ID, you can learn it in different field.

To set restrictions:

One of the special feature of iPhone – so that it becomes one of the favorite choice of society, is the restrictions feature inside it. Restriction here is a special parental control. Here, this feature will be one of the useful feature, especially when you want to block some kinds of the useless content. When you apply this feature inside your mobile device, the restriction passcode is used when you want to open the specific apps. You will be asked when you want to use it. Here, there are several ways, which you need to use in applying it.

  • For the first, you need to go to the general setting. In the setting menu, please tap the restriction option.
  • After it, you just need to tap ‘enable restrictions’ to make it works.
  • Then, in order to make the restriction safe, it will be important for you to enter four-digit restriction passcode. Here, you need to enter it twice in order to make a confirmation
  • In the restrictions menu, you will see several kinds of the apps of the iPhone, which you can set to be kept by the restriction. You just need to control to green button to enable it. Scroll down the display in order to know other kind of the possible apps to apply the restrictions menu.
  • Back to the home screen. You have finished the restrictions setting.

Updating software

In the next list, we will talk about the way to update kinds of software inside your iPhone. You need to know that updating software is one of the important thing to do in order to have the more powerful performance of your iPhone. By updating the kinds of your software, you are able to see some kinds of new features and new developments of your apps. Then, the newest app also will give the smoother running than the old one.

To update the software of your iPhone, you only need to do a simple way. In the general setting, scroll the display until you find the software update option. Tap the option and then tap the install button. Make sure that you have a stable connection to have the quick update. It will be nice for you when you have a Wi-Fi connection there.

Privacy Setting

Now, after talking about the general setting, we will move to talk about the privacy setting of your iPhone. As its name, the privacy setting is important to keep the safety of your iPhone. Sometimes, when we want to run some apps, the third-party apps request for our personal information. It is not only personal information, sometimes some apps also ask about the access to your contact. When we are not being careful, we may lay in danger.

In this occasion, we will talk about some detail about the privacy setting. There are some ways, which you need to know about it. Let us see the explanation of it below.

Managing privacy setting

For the first, let us see the way to manage the privacy setting. Here, the ways of it as follows:

  • For the first, you need to tap the setting icon in your home screen. You can scroll the display to find it.
  • Inside the setting menu, find the privacy button and then tap it
  • After it, you will see some kinds of app of your iPhone. Tap an item of it in order to view which one the app that will request an access of personal information
  • Then, to enable or to disable the certain apps inside your iPhone, you can turn it on or off

Location service

Another kind of the personal information, which will be nice to be known inside the iPhone, is about the location service. Here, location service is one of the nice and optional settings inside the iPhone, which uses the Wi-Fi connection or data phone in order to find the exact location of you. One of the common apps here, which is used by the users, is map. Maps will be nice to help you find the address of location, when you want to go to somewhere. Then, the weather app – it is also based on your location, is nice to give a local forecast for you.

In other hand, the location service here is also useful, especially when you want to add the detail location when you take a photo. For example, when you want to save the moment when you go to somewhere with your friend, you can add the place information. Based on the camera feature, it is called as geo-tagging feature.

However, sometimes people do not want to share their location. It is their own choice. When you want to modify the setting of this privacy feature, you can go to your privacy setting and then tap location service option.

Limiting ad tracking

Sometimes, the ad tracking becomes one of the disturbing matter in our phone operation. It is because some third-party apps may use the information from your iPhone based on your interest as the target of ad. The interest here is based on the history of your browsing, the installed app and others. You do not need to worry because you can manage this setting in the way to block from receiving the targeted ad. The feature inside the iPhone to do this matter is the limiting ad tracking. The benefit of this feature is you can simply stop the third-party app from getting your personal information. To do this matter, you need to follow some detail points below.

  • For the first, you need to go to the privacy option in the setting. Then, scroll down and find the advertising option.
  • After finding it, you can turn the control on in order to limit the tracking of the ad.

Bluetooth settings

For the next matter, we will talk about the detail of Bluetooth setting. Bluetooth is one of the nice feature inside the iPhone and you will be able to send some music, videos and other with it. To connect the Bluetooth, you only need to do some simple ways. For the first, you need to tap the setting menu in your home screen. After it, tap the Bluetooth option there. Then, tap the control of the Bluetooth to make it active. Your Bluetooth is ready to be used and it will show the available devices in the list.

Well, based on the explanation above, we all know some kinds of the basic tutorial of iPhone in order to know more about security and general setting. However, the setting explaining above is just a brief from the total. Here, you can learn more by reading the manual of the phone in order to know the other detail of the setting. Knowing the detail of the setting is important to give you the interesting sense when you operate your iPhone. I hope it will be great and nice information for you all.