Samsung Gear VR Manual

Gear VR User Manual РDo you feel bored for watching film or playing game in your home and not getting a new thing in your experience of watching? Samsung Corporation along with Occulus VR Corporation has collaborated their technology to give a new experience in enjoying virtual display in Samsung Gear VR. The VR itself is a term denoted to virtual reality. Virtual reality is a simulation of environment from computer that creates physical places in world of the reality or imagination.

Samsung Gear VR Review

Samsung gear VR is a Virtual reality created by Ocullus and Samsung Corporation. This gear VR has brought the imagined display into pseudo-reality display when you use the virtual reality. The virtual reality is paired with Samsung Galaxy S4 to create a maximum result or virtual reality. This gear VR is like Google Cardboard, but it does not have its own display so it has to be paired with Samsung Galaxy 4. This VR benefits are that it has more methods in inputting command and there is a headband that can hold the virtual reality from any movements or falling.

Samsung Gear VR

Samsung Gear VR

Samsung Gear VR gives an ultimately amazing experience in enjoying display picture. This Samsung Gear Virtual Reality creates a screen in a mega size that make you feel the imagined world is right besides you. You can bring a cinema theater effects in your home that will make you have a new experience in enjoying film and gaming.

Excitements in Samsung Gear VR

Samsung gear VR has annoying headsets to be used, but regarding to its amazing experience, this uncomfortable feeling can disappear as we are hypnotized with its charm. It brings a film into reality. You can feel as if you were in the film itself. These excitements are totally something that is desired by many people.

Description: Samsung Gear VR is a product produced by Samsung and Occulus which bring virtual experience to reality for greater experience while watching movie or gaming at your home.

Samsung Gear VR User Guide

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