Right-clicking, is one difficulty that many beginners have. Now, we will try to tell how right-clicking works on the Mac.

Press “control” + click = right-click

Like on PCs, the Mac also supports right-clicking. But, for some reason, Apple chooses not to have a right-click button. So, what we have to do as a user to do the right-clicking? It’s actually just a piece of cakes. All you have to do is press the control key and click the mouse to do the right-click.


There is one in the mouse

Don’t be panic, if you feel like it will be difficult to do the right-click without the mouse button, apple has released a mouse with a right button. The named of this mouse is “Mighty Mouse”. This mouse design is unique and beautiful, the left or right button doesn’t appear clearly. But the mouse detects left and right clicks.
Big Tip, how to right-clicking without the control button

You can do the right click by using the trackpad in your Portable Macs. Just tap something using two fingers, your Mac will read it as a right click. To activate this feature, open the system preferences, it could be located in your dock or you can access it from your apple menu at the top left corner of the screen. After the system preferences has showed, click the keyboard and mouse icon. The Preference pane has a few tabs. Click the second one, named “trackpad”, a bit down you will find a text saying “tap trackpad using two fingers for secondary click”, check the box next to the text. And now you can do the right clicking easily.


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