Playstation Vita Remote Play with Your Playstation 4

Sometimes, gaming is really an urge needs for someone. I mean not in the bad sides, have you ever been in a boring family gathering, where you just left alone away from the conversation? Yes, that might be the perfect time to look for something and make yourself busy. It will be quite impossible to carry your Playstation 4 all the way down on your family gathering. Surprisingly, Playstation 4 have a feature that will allows you to do a remote play simply by using your Playstation Vita. This Playstation Vita remote play really can get a high popularity and good response within a short time.

Easy way to play game


You can play your favorite game with ease, in the same save game on your Playstation 4. You also does not need to stay in the front of your television, or even you can continue to play your game while relinquish your television to your parents.

Need to mention that Playstation Vita only has a fewer button, so in order to play game smoothly, the touchscreen is divided into four quadrants in order to allow those buttons to be emulated. To make this cross platform Playstation Vita remote play to get more interesting, party chat and communicative messages between platforms can works well, to ensure the conversations keeps running well. The Playstation Vita remote play also can works well as your second screen, or even your second controller on some games, by simply connect it with your PSN account.

Issues that needs to know


Stability of your internet connection is always the main issue for any kind of remote playing. By simply taking your Vita to a range of your Wi-Fi network, will works well and smoothly. To lowering your latency, you can plug your Playstation 4 with a wired network over Wireless one. If you are play outside of your network range might cause a significant increase in your latency. 3G network is already impossible for you to do your Playstation Vita remote play. However, if you have a smartphone that is support the 4G LTE Connection, it is still possible to play remotely with a considerable amount of latency.

If you plug some USB devices to your Vita while remote playing, you can cause an instability on your gameplay. One of the example is if you plug USB chat mic, may prevent remote play to be used. So all you need to unplug the entire USB device that connected to your devices.

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