Nvidia Shield Tablet Manual

Nvidia Shield Tablet User Manual – Shield tablet is a kind of mini computers, which is focused for gaming. The famous shield tablet is manufactured by Nvidia, so it is called Nvidia Shield Tablet.  It is a mini tablet computer which uses android as its operating system. It has 8 inches or 20 cm and 1920 x 1200px of its display. More over this shield tablet also has big storage about 16-32 GB flash memory and power about 5197 mAh.

Connectivity of Nvidia Shield Tablet

Nvidia shield tablet has a lot of connectivity. It is important if shield tablet can be connected with one or more others. Shield tablet of Nvidia connectivity are micro USB, mini HDMI 1,4a, headphone jack,  slot for the stylus that makes use of Nvidia’s GPU accelerated direct stylus 2 technology, and micro SD card slot. That connectivity facilitates us to share our features to others.

Nvidia Shield Tablet

Nvidia Shield Tablet

Based on the connectivity above, you can use one of them to connect with your Nvidia shield tablet. That connectivity makes easy your transaction. For example, when you will copy a game from your computer, you can use micro USB. So, you can get many features other tablet. It may be really amazing and interesting because we can share our feature to other shield tablet.

Nvidia Shied Tablet’s Wireless

On the other hand, wireless is important for each shield tablet. Several wirelesses that Nvidia shield tablet have, are four. First, it has 802.11n 2×2 Mimo 2,4 GHz and 5 GHz wi-fi. Second, it uses Bluetooth 4.0 LE. Nvidia’s shield tablet also uses GPS and SIM card slot for the 32 GB or LTE model with LTE, HSPA +, 3G, 2G, GSM and EDGE connection. All of them are wirelesses which are used by the shield tablet. They also become good wirelesses.

Description: Nvidia shield tablet is a kind of mini computers. It has good several facilities, like big storage, wide display, and big memories. It also has connectivity and wireless.

Nvidia Shield Tablet Manual

You can read online or download Nvidia Shield Tablet user guide how to setup here:

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