Nikon D750 Manual & Review

Nikon D750 Manual – My hobby is capturing every moment that happens in my life. I know how important memories of life in every body’s life, so I decide to find some camera to take the picture of every moments. I start to look for it in the internet. From all the picture of camera, I was attracted with a camera produced by Nikon Corporation. Then I look for better information and I find out that this camera is Nikon D750. But before you download this camera user manual please read my review first.

Nikon D750 Manual & Review


The Specification of Nikon D750

After I find out its name, as a wise buyer, I start to find the specification and review about Nikon D750 camera. The Nikon D750 specifications say that this phone has many wonderful features. First, The LCD of this camera can be flipped which makes it become the first full frame DSLR with flipping LCD. This camera has 24 MP resolutions which give a huge format for image quality. This camera is also made in built-in Wi-fi and sensitive microphone in stereo feature that will give a best quality of sound.

The Nikon D750 also comes in a fast FPS. Its 6.5 FPS is considered as the fastest full-frame DSLR in the world. This camera is featured with excellent auto focus which becomes a great benefit for me as I am still an amateur in creating a photograph. The favorable thing that I love about this camera is that it has an auto-correct for lens distortion, lateral color fringes, and corner light falloff. This Nikon D750 design also has a light weight than any other DSLR camera which probably will not bother us in bringing it.

Some Lacks in Nikon D750

Yes, I was determined to buy this camera, but I think it will be better if I say some lacks of this Nikon D750 that has been informed to me about this camera for your considerations. First, this camera has no AF-ON button, so you have to do additional effort to turn on this feature in the menus. Second, this camera does not provide cropping picture feature, so it will make you need to do crop editing in PC or other equipments. After all, this camera is worth-having for me, so I decide to buy this camera.

Nikon D750 Sample Images Video Preview

Description: Nikon D750 is great camera to be owned as it gives many features and has high specifications for DSLR camera despite some lacks that this camera has, but it is still good

Nikon D750 Manual Book

Read online or download Nikon D750 user guide by visiting this link: Nikon D750 User Manual

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