Near Future Tech: Long-Range Wireless Charging

Imagine, someday in late 2016 that you wont need to worry and have a frantic feeling when your smartphone is about to die. Charging using cable has become a past story, now everything comes in wireless. Technology always comes in a great way, and keep developing another way to charge up your gadgets while its stays on your pocket. Some said that such thing is impossible, but the development of long-range wireless charging has come to a near complete. There are a lot of company that do some research, try to convert radio waves into battery replenishing power.

How it be done?


There are companies, such as Energous and Nikola Labs that have the common interest to develop this long-range wireless charging. They may have a different way to accomplish their task, but their tech will still the same. They built a special antennas to focus cellular and Wi-Fi signals into a packet of low powered energy that is transferred to the back of your phone. A receiver on your phone will converts that low powered energy into DC power that can fill your battery up! Such a genius idea.

Earlier year of wireless charging

Wireless charging technology has already within our hands for several years. Such wireless charging have a form of power mats, pads and some of the IKEA furniture also have the technology. In order to keep your phone fully charged, you will need to leave it on the pads for some amount of time. Without the tech of long-range wireless charging, you cannot take your phone from the pad, or it will not charging at all.


For some of person, wireless charging is a bad idea. Some said that it really waste your time, because it will need a longer time until it has fully charged. Expert made their calculation that common wireless charging will take time 5 times longer than the usual charging.

People might be skeptical about this long-range wireless charging, will it take a longer time than common wireless charging? Because this time, your phone is not staying in one place, but you will keep carrying it around.

How long is the charge wavelength?

That is one of a good question, apart from the common wireless charging itself. Long-range wireless charging will have an effective range until 5 feet, which have the same speed as the wall charger. Up to 10 feet, it will reduced until USB-charging level. In addition, up to 15 feet, the charging might take ages until your smartphone is fully charged.

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