MetaWatch M1 User Manual

MetaWatch M1 is a brand new smartwatch from META, MetaWatch M1 have super advanced technology, made ​​with premium materials that is elegant and has a luxurious appearance. MetaWatch META M1 also has many advanced features that will make you amazed. If you just have metawatch and have difficulty in using this smartwatch, here we provide the MetaWatch manual for MetaWatch user with FAQ’s, how to settings, and MetaWatch tutorial.

MetaWatch M1 Black Rubber

MetaWatch M1

MetaWatch Quick Start User Manual Guide:

1. Charging the smartwatch

  • Connect the charging cable with the charging clip
  • Insert the clip pins against the back panel pins of the watch
  • Connect the USB plug with your computer
  • Blue light indicates the charging cable and clip are connected properly
  • Watch face indicates that the watch is charging

2.  Downloading MetaWatch Manager (MWM) app

  • iPhone users download the app from the App Store
  • Android users download the app from the Play Store
  • In case you have older version of MWM installed, you MUST UNINSTALL the old version before installing the new version

3. Turning on Bluetooth on the devices

  • Turn on the Bluetooth in your phone’s settings
  • Turn on the Bluetooth on your smartwatch:
    • Click bottom right hand button (menu opens)
    • Click top right hand button so it shows check icon next to  Bluetooth icon
    • Click again the bottom right hand button to exit the menu

4. Connecting MWM app with your smartwatch

  • Open the MWM app on your smartphone and tap the connect button
  • Android users must also choose the “MetaWatch SW12”. When prompted, the pairing code is four zeros: 0000

5. Enabling iPhone notifications (iPhone users only)

  • Open Settings and select Bluetooth
  • Click”MetaWatch”and”pair”it”(0000)”
  • Click”the”MetaWatch”arrow”button
  • Turn”on”the”notifications.

6. Using your smartwatch

  • Open the MWM app and it will autoUconnect to your watch
  • The WATCH tab allows you to customise what apps your watch uses. Simply click the plus sign to add the application. After adding the app you can click the app name to edit the app specific settings
  • The ALERTS tab define what apps can alarm you. Simply click Edit on the top right hand corner to edit app alarm settings
  • The APP tab is currently reserved for developers only
  • The SETTINGS tab allows you to further customise your smartwatch settings

MetaWatch Tutorial Video:

For more assistance to settings MetaWatch here is MetaWatch tutorial video

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