mDrawbot: Smart Drawing Robot Kit

mDrawbot is the interesting robot that can impress people to make a something especially drawing. This one is a robot kit that can assemble into 4 different configuration drawing robot. This one is consist of the mScara, mSpider, mEggbot, and mCar. The mScara is robot that can make a picture or draw a picture on flat surface. Then, the mSpider is a drawing robot that can draw a picture on a wall such as a whiteboard. Furthermore, the mEggbot is a robot that can draw in the round surface like an egg. The last, mCar is a robot that has wheels so that can draw in the floor easily.



The best one in the mDrawbot

The best one that can be found by people in the mDrawbot 4 in 1 is that they can draw everything easily. This one can be applied in any different configurations that can be assembled. Furthermore, to use this one, you also can use Arudino Uno instead of Makeblock Orion. Installing this one with wireless can also work well but it may be rather complicated for you to use wireless.

Furthermore, the mDrawbot 4 in 1 can be gotten by you only with $123,950 with pledge of $50,000 goal 22 days to go. With that price, this one is affordable enough because you can draw anything wherever you want to draw. Therefore, this one will be very helpful for you that have a job to draw something.

Getting the mDrawbot is not difficult because you can get this one through the online. There are some stores that can you choose to get this one. You, for example, can find the Haxlr8r, TechCrunch, Xataka, Atmel, SlashGear, geeky-gadget, and technabob. Therefore, you do not worry when you want to this one in your hand because you can choose wherever you want to take this one in your hand.



How mSpider Works

How mCar Works

mDrawbot can be the best one for people that love to draw something easily. This one is 4 in 1 robot that can draw something in four surfaces that is difficult to be drawn by people.


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