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Read or download Logitech Harmony One manual and configuration tutorial here. When we use harmony one at the first time, we feel confused to use it. It is caused by there are no guidance of it. The first time you use and setup the device you must be sure that you know how to set up the device and the functions of each buttons. Because it will help you to use the device correctly, so your device will be safe and it is avoided by dysfunctions of buttons.

In harmony one, there are several buttons which have functions for each item. The function will be successful to use if you use them correctly without any wrongness. So, you need guidance to use each buttons. If you are wrong in operating harmony one’s buttons, you will make some errors. The guidance of the device is about the different functions of buttons. It will be explain detail below.

Logitech Harmony One

Harmony One

The Different Buttons of Harmony One

They are the difference of buttons in harmony one. Firstly, when the “off” is pressed, all activities which happens in the current time in all devices are also being shut down. Secondly, there are arrow keys that can be used as the accesses to page an item in the touchscreen. Thirdly, the buttons have dynamic functions as each button can perform different function or activity. The beginning of activity point can be brought back with pressing the activity buttons. Fourthly, pressing the help button will appear the help menus. The last, triggering the buttons of menu will appear the menu of the selected device on the screen.

In addition, harmony one still has many buttons. Pressing the “info” will lead to section of information that will be displayed in the guide on the on-screen. When you are pressing the “exit”, you will quit from the guide menu. And if you want to show the menu of guide again, you can press the “guide” button again. Other is; the volume button changes the volume and the navigation pad arrows permit you to move through menus or on-screen guides. Moreover, the channels button changes the channel. The mute button mute the sound, and the previous channel buttons bringing back you to the last channel you were on. Those are buttons harmony of one.

Description: harmony one has many different functions of buttons. To know how use those buttons you need guidance to guide the operating buttons. Use your device buttons correctly.

The Logitech Harmony Advanced Universal Remote is your answer to effortless home entertainment. The Activities button puts control for all your devices in one convenient location. You can go from watching TV to watching a DVD to listening to music with the touch of a button. You no longer need to type in codes to get your remote working with your entertainment system. The guided online setup walks you through the step-by-step configuration of your Harmony One with your entertainment system and then you’ll be ready to sit back and enjoy!

Whether you’re new to Harmony products or you consider yourself an expert, this User Manual provides you with useful information to get you going.

Download Harmony One User Guide

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Logitech Marmony One User Manual

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