Latest Gaming Gadget, Microsoft HoloLens: New Perspective of Viewing

Welcome to the future of gaming and computing! Microsoft HoloLens made their debut on the Show of The Year, E3 2015. This stuff really stole the show from the geek, as the latest gaming gadget. Well maybe it is not the main purpose of this HoloLens, but surely, you can play game by using this great stuff. Some people said that its rival, the Oculus Rift, is shadowing this HoloLens. But we can say that its still rather impossible to pass this great gadget of the year.

Potential in gaming


During the show, HoloLens made its debut, and asked us to join them in their world of Halo 5: Guardians that is designed specially for Xbox One. By the demo, we know that this HoloLens got a big potential in it. You can deeply enjoy a different perspective point of view, straight from the game itself. During the “Holographic Academy” session, clearly it shows that HoloLens is a true PC that is stay on your face. Although it is not fully unleashed its potential just yet, but it can gives you something like ‘Tony Stark, inside his Iron Man Armor’, fascinating.

So here it comes another games that is still developed by Microsoft and Mojang, a version of Minecraft for this augmented reality Microsoft HoloLens. During the E3 Show, Microsoft showed off a great and impressive version of this game. It is different from the common Minecraft that you played on your mobile device and PC. HoloLens gives us a different aspect point of view, and make us to enjoy a different standard of gaming, and truly the best and latest gaming gadget that is suitable for you.

Look for the possibilities


Let us put aside the line of latest gaming gadget, because HoloLens its not only developed for your gaming needs only. What about if you use it for medical purpose? Well surely with some kind of available programs that will available later, surely it can be used as a real three-dimensional learning solution. You don’t need a real form of human body to learn the function of each organs.

What about some kind of design graphics? The answer is yes! Look for the unlimited point of view when you are doing some kind of house building or designing. It can make your job a lot more practical than your usual doing with your PC. You can drag all of your projects easily to any places that you like.

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