Latest Best and Affordable Graphics Card

After a long time of gaming, finally you feel your frame rate started to drop. Your rigs start to throttle down, and cannot run the latest next-generation game smoothly. Maybe you can minimizing the graphics setting on your game; but of course, it will sacrifice the optimum beauty from your game. For some of the geeks always looking for the 60 fps straight. If their computer will only reach not more than 40 fps, they will start to look for a new graphics card that will run the resources-demanding game smoother. So let us discuss about the best and affordable graphics card of 2015.


Go green!

It has a different meaning from saving your environments. Being green, it means that you must look for something like Nvidia (their company logo is green, so green is use as a reference for someone that use the Nvidia Graphics). Nvidia is one of the biggest rival from AMD Radeon. Therefore, the latest best and affordable graphics card from Nvidiais the MSI GTX 970. Why I am not picking the GTX 980 as main benchmark? Because it have a higher price, with nearly the same specifications.

By raw performance, the MSI GTX 970 really can outperform the GTX 980 when overclocked. Of course, it will need a lower power consumption than the elder brother, but surely, it can deliver all of its performance really well. Nvidia gives you price for around $330 and you will get the 4GB of GDDR5 256-bit VRAM with 1664 CUDA Cores with a base clock of 1050 MHz. That might no sounds fast, but the base clock of this GTX 970 gives you breathing room for a safe overclocking.

Red performance


So let us take a peep from the AMD Graphics Card. If you are looking for something that have a bargain price but superb performance, you might be referring to this Sapphire R9 380 from AMD Graphics. This graphics card have a price only for around $240. You will get a 4GB GDDR5 memory with a core clock speed for around 970MHz. During the game test, it still can run Grand Theft Auto 5 smoothly on 30fps at 1080p. This card also can run Shadow of Mordor with an average of 40 fps and run the BioShock Infinite flawlessly on 60fps. There are some issues, AMD driver might not as good as Nvidia, but it still can deliver a great gaming performance. This Sapphire R9 380 can be nominated as the best and affordable graphics card

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