Latest Antivirus for Your Desktop 2015

Many desktop users believe that they do not need any kind of antivirus for their desktop. Some of them is still trusting with some freeware antivirus. All you need to know that having antivirus software is vital for your desktop. Because every time you connect with internet, there are infinite possibilities that your desktop will infected with viruses. All you need is thebest and affordable antivirus for your desktop.

Is it worth to pay for some Antivirus software, because some freeware still leaving a vulnerable gaps in your systems. Some paid Antivirus will provides more features than your freeware, and usually they will gives you a frequent updates to update the virus databases. So let us discuss about the perfec

Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2015

If you are looking for some best deal for your budget, you might be interested with this Bitdefender Antivirus Plus 2015. It have a new profiles feature that will make this antivirus looks more interesting. This antivirus program really works well and do not show any kind of false alarm. This antivirus have a good-looking interface that really simple and easy to use. It have a sleek boxed simple theme.


This antivirus is compactible with the latest Windows Operating System or even the old Windows XP. This Bitdefender is also available on Mac and Android platform. The main interest from this antivirus is that does not make a big impact with your system stability. Alongside with its lightweight system, Bitdefender also have a quick scan speed if you are in hurry, so it is a perfect budget antivirus for your desktop.

Kaspersky Total Security

Let us start from the best antivirus that you can found. This Kaspersky Total Security is one of the most antivirus that pack a lot of punch. It offers you a near perfect protection, with less false alarm than other kind of antivirus. This antivirus also offers you with a great anti-malware protection, even better than other anti-malware. Kaspersky is able to find and eradicate harmful malware is among the best.


This best antivirus for your desktop can do malware signature update by several times a day. Sometimes it will update for each 20 minutes. This Kaspersky have a sleek and good interface, so it will easy to operate. The drawback from virus protection is that this have a big impact for your hardware, and eats a large amount of RAM.

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