Keyboard Shortcuts

Work much faster by using some keyboard shortcut. What is keyboard shortcut? Make it simple, example, if you write a text and have to do something with the mouse, maybe the keyboard buttons can do it for you. It really help you when you are writing because your hand don’t have to leave the keyboard, so this will make you save your time.

The Keys

There are some important keys on Mac’s keyboard. But it has more variation of course depend on what Mac that you have.

The best keyboard commands on Mac OS X:

1. Application switching

By pressing command-tab, a window containing all open application will appear. Keep command pressed down and press the tab key repeatedly to browse the applications you want to switch and when you find the application that you want to use, release the keys and the application will open in front of the others application.

2. Quitting applications

If you want to close an application, all you have to do is just press command-q and the application will automatically quit.

3. Closing windows

Now if you want to close your current window. You just have to prrss command-w. But this command will not close all of the applications, only the active window will be closed.

4. Minimizing windows

Minimize your window by pressing Command-m.

5. Hide an application

By pressing command-h you will hide an application and all of its window in an instance. Want to show the application again? Click it again in the dock then the application will appear just like before.

Other smart keyboard shortcuts

Command-p, press it if you want to print something. Of course it will ask you some settings first.


Use command-s to save anything in an application where you editting something (such as word,pages,and photoshop).

Open files

Most application usong command-o to open some files such as document or images.


Copy some item in some applications by pressing command-c.


After you copy you need to paste the object right? You can use command-v to paste the object.

Take a screenshot

Take a screenshot in a simple way by pressing command-shift-3. And use command-shift-4 if you want to take a screenshot of a selection.

On Mac there is also a helpful application called “Grab” you can use it to take some screenshot too.

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