iPhone SE Wallpaper And Sound Settings

Knowing how to set the wallpaper and sound of the iPhone becomes one of the important thing for you. I am sure that all users of iPhone want to have a beautiful look in the customization of their mobile device. Setting the wallpaper and sound becomes one of the nice way to increase the aesthetic look of your iPhone.

In this occasion, we will focus of wallpaper and brightness, which by telling about it; you will know the way to customize the display of the iPhone. In other hand, we also will talk about the sound setting. Talking about the sound setting is nice in order to customize the sound of your iPhone. To start this setting, you only need to tap the setting icon in your home screen.

Wallpaper and brightness

Wallpaper is one of the great choice to make your iPhone looks more personal. In this matter, you can add your own background wallpaper to get the better effect. Then, how to add the best wallpaper? Follow the ways below.

  • For the first, you need to tap the setting icon in your home screen. In the setting menu, you will see some options there and you need to tap the wallpaper and brightness option.
  • Then, you need to tap the area under choose wallpaper. In there, you are free in choosing the kind of the image, which you want to use it as the wallpaper of your iPhone.
  • When you want to view the built-in wallpaper, which come with your iPhone, you can tap the dynamic or stills option. However, you also can choose the kind of image from your album as your wallpaper.
  • To open the full screen preview of the image, you can tap the certain image
  • In the last, tap set to apply the wallpaper with an exact image, as you want. Here, you can set the same wallpaper for your lock screen, home screen or both. Tap cancel without changing the wallpaper when you want to exit from the setting.

As the additional, you are also able to set your wallpaper through the photo application. Here, when you want to set the wallpaper through the app, you just need open the app, find the image that you want and then set it as wallpaper with the right clicking.

Screen brightness

After talking about some details of the wallpaper, we will talk about the screen brightness here. Adjusting the screen brightness is useful and important, especially when you are difficult in seeing your iPhone’s display. In other hand, the level of the screen brightness is also nice to decrease the consumption of the energy of battery. Here, when you want to set the brightness of your display, you only need to tap the setting menu. The screen brightness option is in the same place with the wallpaper, as above.

Then, how to set the brightness of the display? Here, to increase or to decrease the level of the screen brightness, you just need to drag the slider of it. The slider will show the percentage of the brightness of your screen display. In other hand, when you want to have the simpler way in setting it, you can apply the auto-brightness. Auto-brightness will be nice choice to adapt the brightness of the display based on the condition of your place. You just need to tap the auto-brightness control in order to turn it on or off.

Sound settings

The last matter of this case, which we need to talk, is about the sound setting. As we said before, sound setting is also important to be explained in order to increase the personality setting of your iPhone. Here, the sound setting will allow you to change some kinds of the sound alert differently, such as in the newt text message, email and others app. In this sound setting, you also may re-set the detail of it, such as the volume of the sound, the customization of vibration and enable or disable of sound effect, such as the tone of keypad and lock sound.

To edit the sound setting, of course, you need to go to setting menu. Here, you need to tap the setting icon in your home screen and then tap the sound option. After it, you will see some details about the sound setting. You can set it based on your desire. Just try to listen it and fulfill your need. When it is needed, you can ask your experienced friends, especially when you find any problem there.

Well, some points as above tell about the way to set the wallpaper and sound. Adjusting the detail of it is nice in order to increase the personality of your iPhone. I am sure that with the kind of nice wallpaper and sound, you will have the special display in your iPhone. In order to throw the boredom away, you can update the kind of wallpaper, as you want. Try to browse some kinds of the great wallpaper, so that you will have lots of image as the stock in changing wallpaper. I hope it will be nice information for you all!