iPhone SE Tutorial & User Guides

iPhone SE is one of the great choices when you want to upgrade the kind of your smartphone. The combination of sleek design in appearance and the well detail in performance makes iPhone becomes one of the special smartphone to help people in their need of communication. There are many kinds of the version of iPhone, which can be the great choice for you. However, now we will talk about the detail specs of iPhone SE. It is one of the newest products from the vendor. Are you curious with it? Let us see the detail of it below!

The design of the iPhone SE

For the first, let us see the design of this iPhone SE. This phone has an iconic design. It is one of the symbols of iPhone, which other vendor doesn’t have it. Then, the manufacture here still applies the brushed aluminum as the back of the phone. It is hard but will be nice to increase the safety of the phone. Something that you need to know is actually it has the same display with the 5S version. However, here the 1136 x 640 in display resolution provides the sharper look.

iPhone SE

The display of this phone uses the super AMOLED screen with 4 inches in size. As we know, it is one of the best kind of the screen technology and iPhone SE apply it to increase the performance of the phone in overall. In other hand, below this nice iPhone SE, the manufacture places the speaker of it. The speaker is simple, clear and loud. You will be easy to use it to listen to the music or having conversation through your friends.

Quick processor with stable running

Now, let us see about the processor and the performance of this phone. In overall, iPhone SE has the stable running task. Here, the manufacture applies iOS 9.3 as the version of the OS. It is the newest version of the iPhone OS, which will give the great performance and smooth running. The performance of this phone is developed by the use of A9 dual-core processor. This processor will be nice to give the better speed in internet access.

Then, how about the stability of this phone? You do not need to worry because this phone has 2GB RAM inside it. This RAM inside the great iPhone SE is powerful although you open more than one app in the same time. Then, for the source of energy, the manufacture of this iPhone SE apply 1624 mAh battery. It is not the best battery if we see the capacity of it. However, the new technology applied there will manage the use of the battery.

Camera and Storage

In this phone, the manufacture uses the 12 MP of rear camera and 1.2 MP of front camera. These two cameras are nice with the new feature to provide the clearer image. Then, for the storage, you can consider the options, as 16 GB or 64 GB. The price of this iPhone SE is around $360.

iPhone SE Tutorial & User Guides

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