iPhone 7: Interesting Rumors About Detail Specs, Design And Features

It will be something interesting waiting the new release of the product of Apple. We all know that iPhone – as the one of Apple’s product becomes one of the favorite smartphone of the people. It has the great combination in its design and performance, which will make the conversation, looks greater. In the whole of this year, Apple announces that they will release some new products to pleasant their customer. One of the most wanted product of Apple is the iPhone 7. It is the newest generation of iPhone, which will give the better performance for you. Now, in this writing, we will talk about some details of its specs, although it is still based on the rumors from the vendor.

Release date and announcement

When will iPhone 7 be released in the market? Well, it is one of the most common question from the customer when they want to get this newest iPhone product. When we see the released date of the previous product from Apple, we will see a tradition there. In releasing some of its previous products, such as iPhone SE – it is one of the great product from Apple, which combine the specs of iPhone 5s and iPhone 6s, the vendor use the fall as the released date. Yes, this phone is released in March 21, 2016. Then, some of the previous products are also released in the fall.


It is like a market strategy when Apple choose fall as the best time to release their product. When we are talking about the released date of iPhone 7, we can see the tradition as the basic: iPhone 7 will be released in the fall of 2016. Now, you can prepare yourself when you want to be one of the first buyers and you can create your own nice history!

Design of iPhone 7

It will be nice talking about the prediction of the design of iPhone 7. Yes, it is reasonable since the design of iPhone will influence the look of it and the beautiful design of iPhone 7 will increase the sense when we use it. However, in predicting the design of iPhone 7, we may see the circle of Apple in releasing their product. In several years, Apple always gives some major design in their products. Then, in other side, the vendor still keep the use of round button in its appearance.

Some experts predict that iPhone 7 will allow some kinds of the major changes as the way of innovation. This innovation is nice because users will be able to sense the new design, which will make them interest with their smartphone. For the size of the display, it is predicted that iPhone 7 will have the larger size than the previous version of Apple’s product. However, the expert mentions that for the overall display, it will be very similar with iPhone 6s.

What make iPhone 7 has some of major changes is the occurring of 3D touchscreen. Some of Apple’s product in previous years have used this technology to increase the performance of the smartphone. However, in this new product, it is predicted that the technology is increased, so that users will have an easier access. In other hand, the new bezel in the design will make iPhone 7 looks more beautiful. Bezel is nice in order to increase the strength of the smartphone.

iOS 10

Another matter, which we also need to know in discussing about the occurring of iPhone 7, is the use of iOS 10. We all know that iOS is the basic OS of Apple’s product. Since OS is one of the most important thing for the performance of iPhone, having the newest version of it will be something great for you. The vendor applies iOS 10 for the default OS of iPhone 7. iOS 10 is the newest generation of OS of iPhone and I am sure it will give better performance and use of the smartphone. In other hand, iOS 10 also provides many kinds of great features. Some kinds of the great features, such as Siri, photos, maps and message app have been upgraded. The upgraded apps there will give the new look and better performance.

You need to know that now iOS 10 is available only to developer. The official release of iOS 10 is in the fall of 2016 – it will be released together with iPhone 7. However, for the older users, you do not need to worry because you are still able to upgrade your OS. Just look for the information about the compatible device to download this iOS 10.

What make iOS 10 becomes one of the nice thing inside iPhone 7 is some kinds of its development. Here, there are some kinds of the great new features, such as the increased 3D touch integration, which will give the smoother touch of the display. In other hand, some kinds of the great new features of the iOS 10, which will pleasant you, are pickup-to-pickup, more detail notification – including the live video, and then the faster access of app and widgets, which will make it interesting to use. When in the previous version you are worrying about the spam, now you do not need it more. Here, the vendor improve the calling matter, such as the extension of API, which will be nice to filter the spam of the phone.

For those who like messaging, the new detail of the message apps will make the conversation live and more interesting. Here, message will have bigger emoji with the nice prediction. In other hand, it will be able for the user to have the new effect by some kinds of the new feature of message app.


Talking about the security of iPhone is one of the most important thing to be known. We all know that the security of the smartphone will be nice to keep the well privacy of the user. However, for the iPhone 7, security is not one of the biggest issue of changing. Here, in order to interest the user about security technology, Apple uses encrypt data, which is stored through iCloud service.

One that make user interest with the detail security of iPhone 7 is the new interface of the privacy setting. The new look of the interface of privacy setting make the users easier when they want to reset the setting of their privacy.


Now, we move to talk about the display of this iPhone 7. We all know that display is one of the special matter, which will increase the beauty of the look of iPhone. Here, based on the rumor, iPhone 7 will use the sapphire display as the one of the new technology there. What make sapphire display is nice to be used is the higher degree of scratch, so that it will be nice to keep the display of iPhone away from any problem. In other hand, sapphire display is also better than Gorilla Glass in the shatter-resistance level. Another smartphone that uses the sapphire glass is Samsung Galaxy S7. By this fact, it is possible for Apple to apply it in iPhone 7 in order to keep the rivalry between them.

Then, another rumor says that for the screen, iPhone 7 will use AMOLED display. AMOLED is one of the great choice with its durability. This kind of screen is better than LCD screen. By the use of AMOLED display, iPhone 7 will have clearer look in its display and it will have the more efficient use of electricity of screen.


Since smartphone has work with the internet, talking about the connection is something we need to do before choosing iPhone 7 as our favorite smartphone. Here, the vendor is predicted that they will move and leave the use of headphone jack. Leaving headphone jack is one of the interesting news for the users because without the kind of headphone jack, iPhone 7 will look thinner. In other hand, it is also effective to increase the water resistance there.

For the connection, the vendor is rumored will use Intel 7360 LTE as the newest part of the connection. It is one of the great type of the connection because based on the test; it will be able to support up to 450 Mbps in download and 100 Mbps in upload. See, how great it is!


The next thing of iPhone 7, which we also need to know before we welcome its released date, is talking about the components. Some experts predict that iPhone 7 will have larger size in storage size. For the external memory, it is predicted that iPhone 7 will have 256 GB in maximum space. Then, for the internal memory, it is predicted that this iPhone version will apply some options, as 32GB, 64GB and 128GB. The expert is not sure if the vendor will use 16GB in the option of internal memory.
Then, for the size of the display, it is rumored that iPhone 7 will use 5.5 inches in screen size. This size of screen is bigger than the previous kind of its version. In other hand, the memory of RAM is predicted around 2 GB. By the combination of the storage memory and RAM memory, I am sure that it will be one of the great premium smartphone in the world.


For the lover of song, the technology inside the speaker becomes one of the important thing to be known. In overall, the design of the speaker of iPhone 7 is similar with some kinds of the version of iPhone. Here, the vendor will place the speaker in upper position. What make the speaker different from the previous version is its size. The bigger speaker is applied in iPhone 7, so you will have a better use there.


Do you like to capture your moment with friends or family? Well, here iPhone 7 can be the great choice to lead your capturing. The expert predicts that iPhone 7 will come with a new technology in its camera. The size of camera is 10 MP with the double-lens DSLR style. This new style of the camera is nice in order to give the clearer image. In other hand, some kinds of the features inside the camera also will make your capturing looks more interesting.

Well, based on some kinds of the explanation as above, iPhone 7 can be one of the nice target, when you want to renew your smartphone. However, based on its new feature and technology, I am sure that this smartphone will be targeted for the middle-up users. It is nice when you try to know the exact price of it, so you can prepare your own self to be one of the first buyer of it. Please be an active reader to look for some updated information about iPhone 7.