Installing and Managing Applications on iPhone SE

Although you are a new user of iPhone SE, I am sure that you have probably heard about an app of smartphone. The concept of it is simple: an app is one of the program that are designed to run your smartphone or device. Something that we need to know is the use of app is very influential for the smartphone. Without any kind of app, we cannot operate our smartphone to fulfill our need in communication. The iPhone comes with some kinds of built-in apps, which means users will get the default application for the vendor. However, users are still able to download more kinds of apps to fulfill their need through App Store. In other hand, iPhone also give the easy ways for the users to manage the apps in your devices.

The app store

It is the place, where you may get choices of apps to fulfil your need. Here, the app store gives thousand kinds of the apps. Inside this place, you are able to find many kinds of games, entertainment, productivity tool, travelling tool, and others. The kinds of the apps inside the app store will be nice when you want to make your smartphone looks more special and great. Many kinds of the apps inside the app store is free and half apps is cost around $0.99. However, there are also some other apps, which have higher price when you want to download it. When you do not know what kind of app, which you want to download, you can use the recommendation menu from the app store button. The recommendation menu there will show kinds of popular apps chosen by the users.

Before downloading the kinds of apps inside the app store, you need to have an Apple ID and a valid credit card, especially when you want to download the cost apps there – even you download the free one, you still need the use of Apple ID. For more information about the Apple ID, you can see how to create an Apple idea in the different sub head.

New to the app store?

Some new users are many confused about what to do to go to the app store. Here, when you want to see the kinds of the app inside the app store, you only need to click the app store button inside the menu of your iPhone. Here, please open the app store and then you scroll down the display and find the collection menu. After it, please tap New to the app store?.

After clicking the menu, you will see the list of popular app in the display of your iPhone. Each app will note that it is free or priced. To know about the detail of the app, you only need to click it. After the clicking, the app page will appear with some new information for you, such as the app works, the reviews from users, the screenshots and others, which will make you know well about the app you want to download.


In operating your device, sometimes maybe you need to use several program at the same time. This matter is called as multi-tasking. Here you need to know that multi-tacking with iPhone is maybe different. The manufacture says that users maybe cannot use several kinds of apps at the same time but they will be easy to switch between apps without go back to the Home Screen menu. For example, in one time, you browse something with the browser app and then you want to send a message through the mail app.

The multi-tasking here is nice because iPhone will keep recent the app paused in the background. Then, when you switch to the recent apps, you do not need to wait it for loading. It is because iPhone has well management in running task.

To switch between apps:

In order to switch between apps, you only need to do a simple way. Here, you just need to press the home button quickly two times. After clicking, you will see a preview of your current apps. Here, you can swipe left or right to find the apps that you want to see. To open that app, you only need to click it.

To close apps:

Sometimes, you may see the paused apps behind the background. Well, it is normal and it happens because the apps have some problems in loading. It maybe crash, as the unresponsive apps happen inside your computer. Here, all you need to do is force the app to close. To do this matter, you only need to swipe it up and the system will close the apps. This way will be the alternative to free your iPhone from the problem. After it, you can refresh the home screen in order to give the fresher sense there and you can run your apps better.

Background app refresh

What make iPhone special is the feature of background app refresh. It is one of the special feature inside the iPhone and you will not see it in other vendor of smartphone. Here, the function of background app refresh is to update the certain apps in the background. Updating the apps in the background is important to increase the capacity of the battery. However, this feature is optional. You can turn it off when you think it is not important. To turn it off, you can go to setting and find the general menu. Inside the general menu, you can click background app refresh then. To learn more about multitasking, you can click on understanding multitasking menu.

Managing apps

The other matter, which we need to talk here, is about managing the apps. Managing apps is one of the important thing to do in order to give the better look in the face of your display. You need to know that iPhone’s home screen contains of the icon of all app inside your device. It means that when you install many apps from App Store, you will have a crowded home screen and sometimes, it will make you difficult to find the exact menu quickly. That is why managing apps is important to do.

  • Rearrange icon menu is one of the solution you may do. Here, you can rearrange the menu of your iPhone by touching and holding any kind of app on your home screen. In the way of holding, you will sense the shaking app. When the icon of the menu is being shake, you can drag and drop it. Move to other place that you want to go. It will be nice when you make the regular arrangement of the icon based on its function. The, press the home button to finish it.
  • Additional home screen can be the great matter, which you can consider when you have many kinds of the icon of menu and your display is not enough to cover it. Here, you can drag an icon to the right edge in order to make the additional home screen. When you are finish with it, click the home button.
  • Creating folder becomes another way in order to manage your app. The folder is nice to help you having the regular arrangement of the icon menu. How to make a folder in display of iPhone? It is easy. You just need to drag an icon and place it to the other icon. The collaboration there will automatically make a folder and you are free to name your folder.
  • Search for apps by swiping down from the home screen. It is one of the quick way to find the kind of the app, which you want to open. It is one of the special feature from the iPhone to increase the efficiency of iPhone operation.
  • To delete apps, you just need to press and to hold the kind of icon of app, which you want to delete. After it, you need to tap the X symbol in the top-left corner of the icon. However, you need to know that the built-in apps from the vendor cannot be deleted. After finishing, please press the home button.

Updating app

In order to keep the well performance of app, it is important for you to keep the update of the apps. After you running some kinds of apps, you will receive the updates from the developer. You need to know that the update will make your apps run smooth and get some new features to make it greater. You do not need to worry because when the update of apps is available, you will be notified in your home screen, so you can update it easily.

Ways to update the apps

In order to update your apps of iPhone, you need to do several ways. The ways of it is as follow:

  • The first you need to open the App Store. In the display of the App store, you need to click the update button in the bottom-right of screen
  • After clicking the update button, you will see a list of available update. To update the app, you only need to tap the update option there. However, you also can tap the update all option, especially when you want to update all apps that is available

However, for the simpler way, you can set the automatically update of your iPhone. Here, to apply the automatic update of apps, you only need to go to setting menu in your home screen and then tap the iTunes & App Store menu. After it, turn on the update control. By applying this control, you will automatically update your apps when it is available and connected with Wi-Fi network.