Installing Application on a Mac

Installing applications on the Mac is fun , Mac OS X makes the installation process very easy , like it was cutting the cake soft .Then how to install applications on a mac ? okay we’ll guide you , follow these steps .

Install via Disc image + Applications

It is very common that the application put into what is called ” disk image ” . Sometimes you need to click the file to extract the disc image ( State 1 ) , but the disc images often do this by itself . ( State 2 )


You just click on ( second icon ) and inside you will find your application .

Getting into trouble ? Do not ! You have to do now is drag the downloaded application to your Applications folder and it will be copied ( installed ) . Note that you should not put it in the application folder , but it is probably the most convenient place to put your application .


When the copying process is complete , you can throw the disc image file (there may be two files – see above ) by dragging it to the trash . Note that Mac OS X calls it ” ejecting the disk image ” and not ” throw away the disk image ” . You will notice that the trash look different when you drag a file , but do not worry , just drop the file and it will disappear .

You can now find your application in the Applications folder . If you want , you can drag it to the dock so that the shortcut is created.


Some applications have to put some files in different folders on your Mac . To facilitate the process , the developers of these applications often make the installer .


When you download an application and contains the installer , click the installer and you will be guided through the entire process .

When the application is installed you can discard or delete the installer

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