Importing DVD with handbrake

Sometimes it is important for us to copy or importing DVDs to Mac. However some people thought that it is ilegal. But here we give you the tutorial how to copy your DVDs to your mac.

How to copy your DVDs

Import also known as “rip”, when you want to import DVDs to your mac you can use a really friendly application named “handbrake”. It is a free and good application. Download it and have fun with it.

1. Insert the DVD and use the HandBrake
Let’s start importing, first insert the DVD into your computer. After the application “DVD Player” will start just quit it.

After you’ve done that, open the HandBrake. Handbrake will ask you to locate the DVD. The disc is most likely to be the “detected volume” so just click the “open” button.

At this step HandBrake is starting to read the DVD disc and analyze its contents. When HandBrake finish analyzing the DVD’s contents, you can choose some preferences for your import.

2. Modify the import settings

The first part of the window will ask you to choose which part of the DVD you wish to import. DVDs has two parts there are “titles” and “chapters”.

Some titles part usually contain small movies used in the DVD menus. So you can choose titles and then choose which chapters you want to import. Want to import the whole title? Then, choose the first chapter to the last chapter.

Video import settings

There are few things that you can modify in the setting. Such as the framerate, encoder and movie’s quality. Framerate and encoder is not really important to change. But maybe you are insterested to change the movie’s quality. There are a few options in movie’s quality such as “target size”, “average bitrate” or “constant quality”.

“Target size” allows you to set how big the imported movie to be. Usually 700MB is quite good for a 2 hour movie.

“The average bitrate” a tricky option. Allows you to set how many KiloBytes per second the movie will be on average.

“constant quality” allows you to set how many percent of the original DVD’s quality you want the imported movie to be. Have a lot of space on your hard drive? Then, 100% will be fine for you.

Import destination

First, choose which file format you want to use to save your movie. The codecs isn’t really a big deal, but I suggest the second option, “AVC/H.264 Video / AAC Audio”.

And now you can choose the place to save your movie. Click “browse” button and find a place to save your movie. And don’t forget to name your file.

Last things before import

You can choose to import DVD sibtitle and what language you want the audio to be in if you want to. The sample rate and the bitrate is fine, but you can increase the bitrate if you want a better audio.
Now,all you have to do press the “Rip” button and DVD will be imported.

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