How to use OS 9’s new app, ‘News App’

News app is a Flipboard-style application that makes a personalized newsfeed for you, based on your preferences and interests.

Customize the News

When you launch News app for the first time, it will ask you to choose your favorite publications from a list. You do not have to worry about make a wrong choice because you will always able to change them. So, choose your favorite and then you have the option to get personalized news sent directly to your inbox.

If you use iOS 9.2, there is also an option to pick the Top Stories feed as a favorite. This channel is specifically designed to highlight the day’s biggest news stories. If you are not interested you can choose “Not Now” ,but if on the other day you change your mind, you can find it by searching for “News Top Stories.”

To personalize your News experience, you need to visit the Explore tab (at the bottom of the screen in the middle). There you can choose more suggested channels: specific publications or topics from a lot of sources. Tap on a topic to get the news, or tap the plus button to add it to your personalized feed. Additionally, you can learn more by scrolling down to the browse, which lets you narrow your focus by choosing from publications and even more specific topics. Or you can click on the search tab to try to find exactly what you want.

All the topics and publications that you choose earlier to add to your feed will be shown under the Favorites tab. If you think that you’re no longer interested in certain content, you can tap on the Edit button in the upper-right corner, then tap the X that appears on each channel to delete it from your feed.

Use Your News Feed

After you fill your feed with your favorite topics, you’re ready to read. Head to the For You tab to see all the content, it shows in an attractive, personalized, magazine-style list.

If you enable the Show Story Previews option on in Settings > News, then you will read a shortened version of the story. If you want to read the whole story, you can click through to the site to get the entire story. But if the Show Story Previews option is disable, you will go directly to the content provider’s site. When you read stories in preview mode, you will see a box with a subject below the headline. You can tap it if you want to read the stories about the same type of subject.

When you browse the headlines in the For You feed, you can press down on any story for a while to provide with Share Story, Save or Like options. You can find icons for these same options at the bottom of a page while reading a story. Share Story allows you send a story link to yourself or others in a various ways, such as you can add an easily identifiable heart icon to the story, and Save bookmarks a story, you can find it in the Saved tab at the bottom-right of the screen. If you want to go back to a story you are reading before,  you can check your history from the saved tab.

And if you’re questioning what happened to all your old magazines that were in the new-defunct Newsstand app, don’t worry— they have been relocated to a Newsstand folder on your home screen.

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