How to Use Multi Window on Samsung Galaxy S4

One of my favorite feature on Samsung Galaxy S4 is “Multi Window”. I can say this is one of the best software tips Samsung has come upward untill now.


Use Multi Window on Samsung Galaxy S4

First of all to use Multi-window, you have to enable it in the quick configurations area by dragging the notification bar down, touch the block icon in the top right corner to ensure “Multi-window” is on.
After that you can switch the actual Multi-window bar on or off only by long-pressing the back key. Also you can move the actual bar around by long-pressing the actual rounded tab even while it is open. (To move the actual tab up or down, you can long-press and drag up or down when the actual bar doesn’t have focus.)
Unfortunately not all applications are compatible using Multi-window, but you already have a good choice applications on Samsung and Google apps to select from. Also you can get rid of applications you will not use by using the Multi-window bar, just click “edit” as well as dragging their icons into the empty space and the application will be gone.
Using the Multi-window bar is very easy. You can enter a good application in full-screen move, touch it to load it in the top or bottom percentage with your display screen, long-press and drag it directly into area.

If you have two or more applications showing on the display screen, you may modify the particular method things by dragging the splitting line. Around that line you will see 3 control keys — one is to switch applications, an additional to make the current application full-screen, also to close that. Toggle into landscape mode as well as the applications on their own will rotate, but the splitting line will stay in position.

This multi window is not really work for all application, but Multi-window is actually still one of your favorite TouchWiz features, especially for you who is a big multi-tasker or like to watching YouTube and browse the internet together this multi window is really useful.

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