How to use Microsoft Edge Web Browser in Mac OS X


Microsoft Edge is the current web browser from Microsoft, it created to replace Internet Explorer in the latest versions of Windows for desktop PC, Surface, and Windows Phone. Maybe not all mac users need to access microsoft edge but some mac iser in OS X may need to use edge to access specific websites, and it’s particularly common for web developers and web designers who need to use a wide variety of web browsers for testing purposes. Now we will give you some tricks how they can easily use Microsoft Edge directly in Mac OS X for free.

This will focus on using a virtual machine to run and test Microsoft Edge in OS X, for now this is the only way to run Edge on a Mac without using Boot Camp or a complete Windows 10 installation. If you already have an IE VM before, than this is very similar, but with differing Windows and browser versions.

How to use Microsoft Edge in Mac OS X in a Virtual Machine for Free

System requirements are light and is compatible, but for better performance maybe you want a newer Mac with a lot of RAM. The first step involve getting VirtualBox and the appropriate MS Edge virtual machine with Windows 10.

  • Get VirtualBox for free from Oracle and install it on the Mac
  • Directly go to the official Windows VM page and go to the “Mac” tab
  • Choose “MSEdge for Win10” from the dropdown menus, then choose the big “Download .zip” button, the file will take around 5GB.
  • When you finish downloading the MS Edge virtual machine zip file (it will be in ~/Downloads/), open the zip archive in The Unarchiver to decompress it, double-click the extracted virtual machine disk image to open it within VirtualBox
  • In the “Appliance Settings” screen in VirtualBox, click the “Import” button to bring the Windows 10 and Microsoft Edge virtual machine into VirtualBox, this will take around 11GB
  • When you finished importing, you’ll be at the general VM VirtualBox Manager screen, select the “IE 11 – Win10” option from the left side (the microsoft edge named says IE 11 on your mac) and click “Start” button
  • Wait for the Microsoft Edge Virtual Machine to load, you’ll get a thank you message in a virtual Windows PC with the Edge browser open, now ypur microsoft edge is ready to use on the Mac.
  • The Mac is now running a complete version of Microsoft Edge atop a Windows virtual machine, it’s featured completely so bring up the Edge browser if you have not done so already and access the web as usual.

The complete Microsoft Edge Developer Tools set is available as expected, maybe this is why many Mac users will access this VM to begin with. You can stop and shut down the virtual machine anytime and it requires a normal boot, or create a saved state if you want to return to the exact place you left off in the VM.

Running a Windows VM like this has more benefits then using the Remote Desktop approach to running Internet Explorer, including offline access, but maybe the most obvious downside is you are using more system resources and the virtual machine takes up about 11GB of disk space. But, for thoae who need it, that downside shouldn’t be a problem, especially when compared to the ease of running virtual machines versus dual booting with a complete Windows 10 installation aside OS X in Boot

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