How to Uninstall Applications

Make sure you MAC users have a lot of applications. And certainly when you want to dispose of applications that you do not want to use a lot of time . Most MAC users just move it to the trash , but not completely removes the applications. Then, how to remove applications on the MAC ? follow these steps.

How to Uninstall Applications On MAC

There are several ways to uninstall application from your hard drive . You can use a software or remove it manually.

  • How to Manually Uninstalling¬†Applications
  1. Find all files related to the application program
  2. Remove them all
  3. Empty your trash
  • Using Appzapper For Uninstalling Application

AppZapper is a software created by Austin Sarner and Brian Bell . You buy the software for $ 13.

  1. Open AppZapper
  2. Drag and Drop Application In Main Window
  3. Uncheck all of the files that You Do not Want Deleted
  4. Click Zap
  5. Empty YourTrash
  • Using Cleanapp For Uninstalling Applications

Cleanapp is a software created by Synium Software . This software you can download Free .

  1. Open Cleanapp
  2. Drag and Drop Application In Main Window
  3. Click the Delete Files
  4. Click Move To Trash
  5. Empty Your Trash

Which application then good for you ?

If I prefer to AppZapper because it’s easy to use and has an easy interface . CleanApp is basically a good application if you want to remove it using free software . And if you want to use the manual method , it’s okay , but not all files will be found quickly , and it would take a lot of time .

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