How to Stop Force Quitting Application on Mac

Sometimes an application on your Mac will be stopped and can not be used . However , Mac OS X is very good in handling applications that work well .

Then how to solve such problems ? follow the steps below .

The first method : Use Command + Alt + Esc

If you want to force quit the application , press ” command ( ⌘ ) ” , “alt ( ⌥ ) ” and “escape ” . After a few seconds a small window with a list of open applications will appear .


Second method : Through Activity Monitor

Application Activity Monitor may not be seen in the Force Quit Applications window . But you do not worry , there are ways to force these applications quite well.

The first step you should do is to open the application ” Activity Monitor ” . You can open the ” Applications ” and then headed le menu ” Utilities ” , but you can also find it by typing its name into the Spotlight search field .

When an application is already open , it will show all the processes ongoing applications on your Mac . You Simply select the application you want to Stop and click the button that says ” Quit Process ” .


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