How to Reset the Bluetooth Hardware Module on Mac OS X

Bluetooth lets in wireless gadgets like keyboards, mouse, speakers, trackpads to be used with the Mac, and while they commonly paintings simply quality, on occasion precise Bluetooth difficulties can arise and be very frustrating to troubleshoot. maybe it’s a consistently disconnecting tool, perhaps it’s a device that refuses to renowned a specific Mac or vice versa. on occasion disconnecting and reconnecting with new batteries or trashing the Bluetooth options and an SMC reset is sufficient to remedy the hassle, but different times issues nonetheless persist. in preference to giving up, some other method for troubleshooting in particular cussed Bluetooth issues is to reset the Macs Bluetooth module the usage of a bit acknowledged debug menu alternative.

get right of entry to the Hidden Bluetooth Debug Menu in Mac OS X for hardware Module Reset
preserve in thoughts that is going to disconnect every Bluetooth device at the Mac, so if you only have a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse you’re going to temporarily lose the capability to use the ones gadgets as the Bluetooth hardware module is reset.

  • From the OS X laptop, keep down the Shift+alternative keys after which click on on the Bluetooth menu item to expose the hidden Debug menu
  • select “Reset the Bluetooth module” from the Debug menu list
    Reset Bluetooth module in Mac OS X
  • whilst completed resetting, reboot the Mac as usual and undergo the process of connecting the Bluetooth device(s) to the Mac as you typically could, the whole thing should now paintings exceptional.

You’ll notice there are several other alternatives to be had inside the Bluetooth Debug menu, consisting of logging alternatives, the potential to manufacturing facility reset all BT linked Apple devices, and the capability to take away all BT linked items in one fell swoop, the ones alternatives may be beneficial for other situations, but for troubleshooting purposes the reset appears to be most treasured.

take into account that if a Bluetooth tool is too some distance away form the Mac it could additionally have issues connecting to the computer as well, you can display connection energy of Bluetooth devices with this trick in case you’re unsure about signal fine.

This need to not need to be accomplished frequently seeing that Bluetooth is commonly quite dependable on the Mac, but I needed to reset Bluetooth on a MacBook pro recently after the usage of a PS4 controller with the Mac and later trying to upload a similar PS3 controller which turned into refusing to be located via the Mac. The reset trick worked and now both gaming controllers paintings with the Mac as predicted.

thanks to our friend Keir over at MacKungFu for discovering the debug menu object get admission to, this must be useful to anyone who has fumbled via troubleshooting Bluetooth problems.

This debug and reset options seem like to be had best to the contemporary versions of OS X, however in case you discover it working in something prior to El Capitan let us recognise within the comments.

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