How to Make a Guest Login on Mac

Has a guest account on your Mac will give a sense of security . Because every time I do something and your friends or family members want to use my Mac , I can instantly switch to the guest account so that all my work is safe.

1. Go to ” Account ” preference panel

First, open System Preferences on your mac . It is probably in your Dock , if not , you can find it by clicking on the apple in the upper left corner of your screen and select ” System Preferences ” from the list .


When the System Preferences window appears , please click on the icon labeled “Account ” .


You will now be able to see a list of existing accounts on your Mac and multiple settings for each account .

2. Add a new account

Furthermore , you can click the plus button under the list of accounts ( you may need to click the padlock below in order to do this) .


When the plus button is pressed , you will be asked to enter information about the account that you create . For example , you can enter the following settings :


3. Please Change additional preferences

For this stage , there is plenty to do , but there are some more things that you can change on this account .

Click on it in the list of accounts so you see the settings for an account . The most interesting thing you can do is to set some important controls .


To add parental controls, please check the box next to the thing you wish to limit. You can also click “Configure” button if you wish to specify your limits account.


Indirectly , I ‘ve enabled parental controls on my guest account . This allows me to restrict the use of so guests can surf the web and use other applications without touching some important documents belonging to my

4. Finally Done !

You only need to switch to an existing guest account on your mac . You can quickly switch to by clicking on your name in the top right corner of your mac screen and you can choose the guest account from the list that appears .


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