How to get a new Finder window’s size forever

How to get a new Finder window’s on mac – Sometimes, the finder window opens up in very small size, and user have to resize it, but sometimes after you close the finder and open it again the finder window’s size is back to normal (very small size) size again. It is maybe just a little thing to do but you will get annoyed if you have to do this again and again, right?

os x yosemite icloud drive

One suggestion for you who having this problem. I suggest to created a model window, closed it, and then closed all windows (Command-Option-W, Option plus close button, or hold down Option while selecting File and choose Close All Windows). Held down Option and right-clicked the Finder icon in the Dock and selected Relaunch. After that, I can get my new finder Window’s size, even all subsequent windows would open in the same dimensions, offset slightly in location, including the width of the sidebar.

But, this only success when you use it on yosemite, based on my experience, I can’t use this trick in another type of mac.

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