How to customize your mac

Customize your computer in easy way with Mac OS X. All you have to do is click the System Preferences icon in the dock then a new window will appear.

When System Preferences has loaded, just click the preference pane that contain the setting that you like or want to change.

Searching preferences

If there were none of the icons listed below match the settings you like, you can search it. Apple already programmed the search function to understand some Windows-terms as well.


When you search it, the most appropriate result will be focused.

Common questions and requests

We write the article based on the things that most of you want to change, so this article will be focused to answer the common questions in the best way. Such as :

How to change background image (wallpaper, desktop image)?

Click “Desktop and screen saver” icon and the settings will appear. This preference pane has two tabs, the first one is for the desktop image and the second is for the screensaver.

To select a new background image, you only have to choose one from the background image options. Or you can add your own image by dragging it onto the preview area or click “choose picture” button in the desktop image list.

Portable Macs: If I want to click simply by tapping my trackpad (touchpad), how can i do that?

Easy! Simply click the preference pane “Keyboard and Mouse”. There, it has four sub-categories. Choose “Trackpad”. Check the box that says “Clicking” and done.

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