How To Changing Icon On Mac

Changing icons is something that is easy to do, but if you never do it before, of course it will hard for you to know how to do it. So, now we will tell you some steps to change your icon :

1. Get new icons

Before changing your icon the first thing you must do is get new icons of course you have to download it to get those new icons. Try these sites to get your new icons:

Iconfactory’s freeware archive

Iconfactory has a nice and rather big archive of Mac icons. When you want to download an icon, they have three different formats to choose from. Choose the middle one, with the Apple logotype on it, and you will get the right format. Take Me Here!

Interfacelift’s icon archive

Another nice web site is Interfacelift. Their archive contains a lot of nice icons and available for free download! Take Me Here

2. Show info about the downloaded icon

Firstly, please open the file you’ve downloaded. Inside the downloaded file, find the icons and select the one you want to use. Now press command-i. After that the information about the file will appear.

3. Show info about the file icon that you wish to change

Now find the folder, file or application which you wish to change the icon to the new one. And then select the file that you want to change the icon and press command-i.

4. Copy and paste the icon

Now put the two information windows next to each other and do the following:

Copy the new icon

In every information window there is an image of the icon. Click that new icon’s information window. After that you can see that the borders look a bit blue.

Now, press command-c. The icon has now been copied.

Paste the icon

Now go to the old icon’s information window. Once again, click the image of the icon and press command-v. The icon should now be replaced.

If you can’t make it, please try again because changing icons is a little bit tricky. Try again, it might work next time.

Note : please check, are you an administrator or not

Because on a Mac, different user accounts can have different privileges. You can be a standard user or an administrator. Some folders can only change by the administrator. If you are no an administrator please talk to the person who creates user accounts on your Mac and ask if she/he can make you an administrator.

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