How to Change the Mail Swipe Left Gesture in OS X

The Mac Mail app is making an improvement, inbox swiping gestures to OS X, by doing swiping gesture you can quickly delete or archive an email message with a simple left swipe. This maybe can help you to quickly and automatically delete tons of email, but this also can be a damaged if you delete or remove important email by accident while doing the swipe.

The good news is, it’s easy to change the swipe left gesture in Mail app to either Trash or Archive emails.

How to Change the Swipe Left Gesture in Mail for Mac OS X to Archive or Trash

For your note this steps only for Mail app in OS X 10.11 and later versions

Open the Mail app and scroll down the Mail menu, going to “Preferences”
Go to the “Viewing” tab
Look for “Swipe Left To:” and change “Trash” to “Archive” (or vice versa, depend on your desired action)
Close the Mail Preferences and back to the inbox, swipe left over an email message to see the newly changed swipe left action

And now the swipe left function will either Archive or Trash a message, depending on what you picked. For example, the swipe left gesture now is to archive a message rather than delete it.

If you accidentally deleting email messages with the Swipe Left gesture in Mail for Mac, try to change the setting to “Archive” rather than the default “Trash”.

For now the only two options available for the swipe gesture are Trash and Archive. I personally hope in the future release of OS X Mail will allow users to turn off the left swipe actions complete, to prevent any accidental mail sorting or deleting.

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