How to Change Mac’s Desktop Background

It’s easy to change the desktop background on your Mac . Select one of the images that you like to be the background of your Mac screen . or use one of your own photos as a background .

To begin to change the background on your Mac , go to the Apple menu in the top left corner of your Mac screen . Next select ” System Preferences ” . A new window will appear with many different icons . Click on one of the icons that show the ” Desktop and Screen Saver ” .


A new window will appear . The new window has two ” tabs ” . Make sure that one called ” Desktop ” is selected.


Now you will see a complete listing of all the background image that already exists on your Mac. It has been specifically chosen to look good on your Mac screen . Just click the image as your background .


You can choose a background image that you like. In the lower left corner of the System Preferences window , click the plus icon . Now , you can find the image on your hard drive you want to use . Select and press the ” select ” . That’s it – the picture is now your background .

When you are finished , simply press the red dot in the upper left corner to close the System Preferences window and continue using your Mac .

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