How to Change DNS Settings in Mac OS X

Having appropriate DNS settings is essential for a Mac if you want to correctly access internet domain names, whether or not it’s a website like or a remote server. DNS, which stands for area name Server, essentially interprets numerical IP addresses to the readable domains that most internet users are familiar with, and as a consequence without well functioning DNS servers you often will encounter DNS lookup mistakes, or slower than anticipated access.

even as most net server vendors offer their very own DNS servers, and most Macs will use DNS from DHCP or a wireless router, Mac users sometimes desire to exchange DNS settings themselves to custom servers, perhaps for better overall performance, or for troubleshooting purposes. that is easily done in OS X as we’ll detail in this walkthrough.

Adding, Editing, & Adjusting DNS Server Settings in Mac OS X

  • go to the Icon Apple menu and pick “gadget options”
  • pick the “community” manage panel, choose your network interface from the left aspect (“wireless” or “Ethernet” for example), then click on the “advanced” button in the decrease right corner of the network window


  • having access to DNS settings in network preference panel of OS X
  • pick out the “DNS” tab on the pinnacle of the screen
  1. to feature a new DNS server: click at the [+] plus button
  2. To edit an existing DNS server: click twice on the DNS IP cope with you want to trade
  3. To put off a DNS server: pick out a DNS server IP deal with and then click either the [-] minus button or hit the delete key


  • whilst completed making changes to the DNS settings, click at the “good enough” button
  • Now click on on “apply” for the DNS changes to take impact, near out of system alternatives as traditional

The topmost DNS servers might be accessed first, so that you’ll need to position the pleasant acting servers near the top of the listing for excellent results. in the screen shot examples above, Google DNS servers ( and eight.eight.four.4) are located above the OpenDNS servers, each of that are faster than ISP provided DNS servers as determined with the aid of NameBench for this network surroundings.

depending on what you’re doing and why you’re editing DNS settings, you could wish to flush DNS cache for the changes to take impact, that is specifically proper with modifying the hosts report. Mac users can clear DNS caches in OS X El Capitan and more moderen with this command, and for particular Yosemite variations with this command, or even earlier releases of OS X with this. moreover, you could want to give up and relaunch a few packages for the DNS changes to carry over to them.

superior Mac customers also can alter DNS from the command line in OS X, even though that method is glaringly a bit more technical than actually converting the settings via the community desire panel. And of direction, the ones at the cell side of things can change DNS in iOS as properly if need be.

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