How to Burning Files to CD or DVD on Mac

Need a file in a CD or DVD but don’t know how to burn the files into a CD or DVD by using your mac? Check this simple steps to burn your files into a CD

1. Create a new burn folder

First thing that you must to do is create a new burn folder. Click or select file > new burn folder from the top menu in the Finder (where you view your files).


A new folder is now yours. If you want to name it, just select it and press enter then you can type a name for it.


2. Add files to the folder

Next is, drag the files you wish to burn to the burn folder. The files will not be moved but it will “aliases” of the real files that will be created in your burn folder. The aliases are not real files. The aliases will tell the burn folder where to find the original files.

3. Click burn

When you already added your files, the very next step is just by clicking the burn button.


The program will ask you to give your CD or DVD a name and to specify a speed for the burning process. The preselected speed usually works fine. And now the burning files process is done!

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