How to Apply Pinned Tabs in Safari for OS X El Capitan

The current versions of Safari in OS X El 10.11 and later having a pinned tab feature. This feature allows you to hold a particular web sites browser tab consistently across Safari relaunching and rebooting of the Mac. Pinned Tabs work like bookmarks, but by using pinned tabs, you can visit the pinned site through the pinned tab appears in the same tab toolbar you’d see in Safari when a lot of tabs are open anyway.

The pinned tabs are a great way to keep quick access to sites you visit regularly in Safari on the Mac. There are two ways to pin a browser tab in Safari.

Pin a Tab with a Drag, Users can pin a tab in Safari with a simple drag and drop:

  • Open a Safari window and open at least one new tab (Command+T can create a new tab), use the URL http://(you can type any website you like tovl visit)
  • Click and hold the tab you’d like to pin and drag it all the way to the left of the tab bar, release to create pin the tab
    The pinned site is placed as a tab in the left side of the Safari tab bar.

Pin Tabs in Safari with a Right-Click

For you who like to use the right-click (or Control+click, two-finger click), you can also pin any browser tab in Safari:

  • Open at least two tabs open in Safari, including the page you want to pin as a tab
  • Right-click on the tab you want to pin and select “Pin Tab”

The pinned tab appear on the left side of the tab bar. If the website being pinned has a custom pin tab icon, it will display, whereas it will take the first letter of the website name and use it as the pinned tab icon.

Remove Pinned Tabs in Safari

You can remove pinned tabs from Safari by following this trick:

  • Right-click the Pinned Tab and choose “Unpin Tab” or you can drag and drop the tab from the left side of the bar to the right side.

Pinned tabs are a nice place to put websites you like to visit, a webmail client, your favorite news source, social networks, or whatever else you like to visit. Well pinned tabs make it easier and faster for you to visit those websites.

Pinned tabs also exist in Chrome, and work much the same way, so although you’re not a Safari user, or  not on the latest versions of OS X, you can still use this feature by using the Google Chrome browser.

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