How to Add Location to Pictures for Mac

As we know, the latest versions of Photos app for Mac now allow users to add geographic location data to any pictures in photos app. This feature can be helpful to organize your photos, you can sharing with your friends where is the location of the picture you took, or maybe for other purposes that you need on the other day. Also, you can edit the location of the pictures, so if a photo assigned a wrong location, you can change the location in the OS X Photos app. To run Photos for OS X you need at least OS X 10.11 or later to have the location adjustment features.

How to Add a Location to a Picture for OS X

You can add locations to one or more than one pictures, depend on what you select in Photos app:

Open Photos app, double-click on the photo you want to add a location to (ot you can select multiple pictures from the Albums or Photos view if you wany to apply the location to all selected images)
Click the (i) button in the Photos menu bar, the image info inspector window will comes up.

Click in “Assign a Location” and type the name of the location – a location search based on the Maps application to find and assign locations, select a match location from the search and hit “Return” to assign that location to the picture when satisfied

Once assigned, the location data will appear in the Image Information panel on a map.

After the image has been assigned a location and saved, a new GAPS geolocation data will be saved as the part of image EXIF data if you export the picture. It means you can find the exact location in Preview, another Mac with Photos, or another image viewer that can read location data.

If you want to be selective when adding locations to pictures yourself rather than using GPS, or if you automatically disabled iPhone GPS adding geotagged locations to photos taken with the camera, or if you strip out GPS EXIF data of image files, which is sometimes desirable for user privacy purposes then this feature can be really nice and helpful for you.

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