High Quality DSLR for Enthusiasts

Camera is one of the perfect solution to capture all of your memorable moment in your life. Most of the latest smartphone already have a superb quality, but DSLR will always perform better than other camera. DSLR have unlimited options of settings and can create an optimum setting for each different scene. Maybe some of you do not like to pick DSLR as your first options in camera, because it have a higher price tag. However, some of the latest DSLR offers a price range lower than your pocket camera. There are already a lot of high quality DSLR for enthusiasts that still have a reasonable price tag.

The High Quality Nikon D5500

Nikon-D5500-DSLR-1 (1)

Most of the DSLR have a better feature than pocket camera. This Nikon D5500 is a high quality DSLR for enthusiasts, which is have a lightweight. It have a better image quality than its predecessor, a better touchscreen LCD, and a better handgrip. This is the first Nikon DSLR that have a touch-sensitive monitor. You can simply tap the screen to navigate the entire menu as well to do some focusing. The screen is not over sensitive but very responsive. You can change some of the camera setting simply by slide your finger across the screen to adjust it.

All rounder DSLR

This Nikon D5500 is nominated as the high quality DSLR for enthusiasts because it can produce pleasing images under different conditions. The auto setting can produce well-saturated photos, good detail with balanced exposures. To retain details in shadows, you can simply turn on the Active D-Lighting on this camera. To create a good photograph, there are already some built-in special effects including Toy Camera, Miniature Effect and Selective Color.


To ensure that you can capture images during low-light photography session, this Nikon D5500 is packed with ISO settings from 100 to 25.600. You can keep everything well until the 3200, but if you need something brighter, you can push the ISO until 6400 without any kind of bad noises on your image. The Autofocus really took its part. The AF is speedy enough if you want to take a picture within short amount of time. It shows a decent drop of capture speed during a low light condition, but still fast enough to capture a static objects. For the video capture itself, you will get a full 1080p resolution with 60 frame per second.

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