Good Looking and Affordable All-in-One PC

All-in-one PC might not as popular as common desktop, because it lacks of further upgrade options for you. All-in-one PC is known to be more powerful than most of the laptops. For the aspect of size, the all-in-one PC is offering you more spacious and more screen space than your desktop and laptops. We can say that all-in-one PC is the perfect all-rounder computer that can make your entire job finish at ease. Theall-in-one PC is pack the entire components to a single unit, allowing you a simple prop to your desk, just plug in and everything is done. All-in-one PC comes within a different range of price. If you rather tight on budget, it is quite easy to look for the affordable all-in-one PC.

The sleek Lenovo C560


This Lenovo C560 is one of the affordable all-in-one PC that offers you a multiple options within one solution only for $849.99. You will get styling, affordability, and functionality within one grasp of your hand. The glossy black bezel color is simply stunning. It already have a 720p webcam just right above the display and a Lenovo logo straight below it.

One the bottom front panel, you will get a fully perforated speaker bar, alongside with power button and Wi-Fi indicators on your left. There are also volume and brightness control exactly on your right. This all-in-one PC also have a sturdy metal stand, which can be rotate for around 40 degrees backward and 25 degrees forward. The rear panel is much easier to popped open, and allows you to do some simple upgrade for later purpose.

Features and Performance


The affordable all-in-one PC offers you with a standard issue Lenovo wired keyboard and mouse. The keyboards looks stunning and interesting. It have a smile-shaped island keys, complete with a number pad and dedicated button for volume control and launch the Lenovo App. This Lenovo C560 features a 22-inch display, with a 1080p resolution. The display is really crisp and sharp to show some large details. It also have a good color gamut, and can show the Windows 8.1 icon really well.

From the performance aspect, this Lenovo is already have the 4th generation 2.9-GHz Intel Core i3-4130T Processor. For your multitasking need, it also have 8GB of RAM. This powerful machine is have the 7.200 RPM with 1TB of capacity Hard Drive. It might be suitable for some hard processing work, but you cannot ask this all-in-one PC to play hardcore game, because it only have the Intel HD Graphics 4400.

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