Galaxy S6 Problem: Persistent pop-up, How to Fix It?

One trivial thing that is always successfully make people mad and irritated about that is the pop-up problem that seems to keep bothering the user of smart phone Samsung Galaxy S6 recently. This problem is actually has something to do with the setting of sharing management as well as TOS (Terms of Services) or condition for feature enhancement. This thing is often ignored by many smart phone S6 users by hitting the decline button, then it keeps coming out later, and that is why people are getting disturbed about that. Well, that kind of problem is able to be solved by these methods we have written here in this post. Check them out:

Get rid of those pop ups now!

The fastest way to deal with this pop ups problem that are keeping its emergence in every time you hate is to go with it. To go with it we mean here is to follow what those pop ups want you to do persistently: hit the agree button. When you hit that one, the pop ups will simply vanished and never bother you anymore. In return, you will need to follow and be obedience to the terms and condition they got there. Make your choice!

Well, if you feel that the first solution seems to be not your type, then you can hop into somewhat need effort method here. Go into the setting menu of your app’s contact and find the way to the profile management setup. You will need to find the setting of Profile sharing that those apps have, and simply turn it off or disable. That will work for this pop ups problem.

Other than those two ways, there is this even more complex way to deal with that problem. It is not by hitting the agree button, but it is okay to keep hitting the decline button when the pop ups come out, but you will need some further actions after that. You need to go into your contact and tap yer name beneath my profile section. Then you need to continue going to the profile sharing drop menu and click that registered info part and select the list of deregistered one. That way will work well.

The last way if you do not find those methods above any helps, then you might consider to do the factory restart on your smart phone for more instance way to get rid of those pop ups.

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